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Make The Most of Instagram Stories

A relatively new feature has taken Instagram by storm: Instagram Stories. Taking the lead from the success of Snapchat, Instagram Stories are small snippets of photos or videos that show up on your followers’ feed fo... Read more

How To Build a Brilliant Bookstagram

Books are massive on Instagram. With popular hashtags like #bookstagram and #currentlyreading gaining thousands of potential followers, it’s no wonder that bookworms from all over the world have flocked to Instagram to build a bookish following.

... Read more

Instagram Cameras - Three Important Things to Consider

It’s time to upgrade your equipment. No longer will you be tied to your I-phone camera or your Dad’s old point-and-shoot.. If you want to take Instagram seriously, you’ll need to get yourself a serious camera. One which will make... Read more

How to Deal With the Haters

The internet can be a very positive place. With communities and social media, it is easier now more than ever to access information, entertainment, and to create a living on social media platforms. However, it can also be hazardous. Trolls, haters, or simply m... Read more

How to Think Like a Brand on Instagram

Not a big company? Just want to gain more followers as an individual? Don’t have a product to promote, just a lot of passion? Then it’s time to start thinking like a brand!

Personal branding, however, is different to the branding you would do... Read more