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Planning Tips to Become a Social Media Maestro

Overseeing successful social media accounts takes a lot of work, and you need to have a solid plan in place for increasing your engagement and promoting your brand. Disorganized posting and lackluster content can really hurt your social medi... Read more

What is User-Generated Content and How Do I Use it?

In a nutshell, user-generated content (UGC) is content that your followers or customers post promoting your business or brand. And no, it’s not a gimmick – UGC is genuine content that users post without being paid to do so.

Let’... Read more

Best Tools for Managing Social Media

Managing several different social media accounts is difficult, and can often feel overwhelming. Not only do we have to juggle other areas of life like work, school, and home, but we also have to maintain a consistent and active online presence.

Tha... Read more

Technical problems of 3-4 may

Dear users of Gramista, as many of you have noticed some of the website’s functionality was unavailable yesterday and earlier today. The issues have now been resolved. We’d like to calm everyone down and explain what happened. 

First and foremost, we are not getti... Read more

Why You Should Automate Your Instagram Account

Life in the modern day is pretty hectic. We’re all busy trying to find the perfect balance between our home, work, school, and social lives. The pressure to stay active on social media all the time doesn’t help, either. We can’t be on Instagram all the time, ... Read more