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10 Examples of How Famous Brands Use Instagram to Promote Themselves

If you want to learn something, learn it from the best! One of the best ways to learn social media marketing is to look up to those who’re being great at it. Here is a list of 10 successful brands that have been using Instagram for promotion. All of them have a huge follower base that keeps on growing every day.

Qatar Airways (@qatarairways)

If you take a look at the official Qatar Airways Instagram page, you will see that they do not post content too often. Instead of quantity, they prefer quality! Their photographs and videos are not only interesting, but also closely related to the thing their followers are interested in – travels. You will see selfie photographs of air hostesses taken in cities served by this airline. Apart from that, it’s obvious that Qatar Airways is looking to take advantage the fact that their followers love football (soccer). That is why they often post images related to FC Barcelona, a team sponsored by this company.

Madewell (@madewell)

This women’s clothing brand decided to take over Instagram by teaming up with influencers in the world of fashion. They created a partnership with 5 people with lots of followers on Instagram for the campaign titled #TOTEWELL. Among those influencers was Stephanie Sterjovski, a fashion blogger with 197k followers on Instagram. As expected, the campaign was a huge success, bringing the attention of over a million targeted users.

Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl)

SNL is an American TV show that has a huge fan base as it’s been on for over three decades. Still, they felt like their presence of social media needed improvement. But, instead of paying for influencer marketing, people from Saturday Night Live decided to take another approach. They wanted to give their followers a glimpse of their private lives, so they created the #SNLbackstage hashtag. The name of it says it all – photographs tagged like this feature real SNL backstage footage.

GoPro (@gopro)

GoPro camera has become synonymous with an adventurous spirit. The camera is probably the best choice for taking high-quality footage during daredevil activities. This brand decided to dedicate their Instagram page not only to promoting their products, but also to promoting outdoor adventures. This means that their page is not only informative, it’s also extremely fun. That’s why it’s no surprise it has nearly 11 million followers at this point!

Under Armour (@underarmour)

The American brand knows that in order to get people to follow you, you need endorsements from influential celebs. As sports clothing is this company’s niche, they decided to launch a marketing campaign featuring some of the greatest sportsmen of our era. Some of them include tennis player Andy Murray, NFL quarterback Cam Newton, and the legendary basketball player, Steph Curry.

Inked Magazine (@inkedmag)

Inked Magazine has managed to make their Instagram page an ultimate gathering of people with tattoos. Obviously, their job wasn’t too hard – all they needed was posting images with interesting “tats” and followers started coming on their own.

Starbucks (@starbucks)

Here’s another well-established brand that didn’t need much effort to get a lot of followers. Starbucks has loyal fans who are looking to follow it on all social media websites. All Starbucks marketers needed to do to get over 10 million followers on Instagram is post creative coffee-themed photos.

Nike Football (@nikefootball)

Football a.k.a. Soccer in America is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Nike realised this long time ago, which is why they started a line of clothes designed for this particular sport. Their Instagram page has 23.6m followers who are provided with a new content on a regular basis. The thing that makes this profile so successful is that it posts photographs of best football players wearing this brand, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

Victoria's Secret (@victoriassecret)

You would expect that a huge number of followers of Victoria’s Secret Instagram are women looking to get fashion tips and ideas. But, the fact that this page has over 46 million followers shows that men like it equally. We won’t say that “sex sells” as Victoria’s Secret is far from being vulgar, but it’s obvious that people like seeing beautiful women wearing lingerie.

Nike (@nike)

With 65.2m followers, Nike is the most-followed brand on Instagram. The strategy behind their success is nothing revolutionary, but a product of hard work. First of all, Nike has been producing high-quality fitness equipment since mid-1960s. They’ve been doing conventional marketing for ages, so it wasn’t hard to take over the social media. It seems that all fitness brands are doing well on Instagram. It’s not only because they tend to partner up with famous sports figures (Nike has deals with LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo, among others), but also for the fact that they promote active lifestyle. If you take a closer look at Nike’s Instagram posts, you will see that a huge percentage of them are motivational images, which is obviously a thing that attracts followers.