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10 Hashtags for the Winter Season

Even though you may or may not like the cold, the winter is coming. In many countries the snow has begun to fall and that means we’re close to the holidays! Here at Gramista we decided to compile a list of 10 hashtags that should help you navigate on Instagram this winter. If you’ve been using Instagram for a while you’re probably tired of hearing about hashtags, but nevertheless it’s an important topic to master! Or if you are new to the game you’ll learn a thing or two today. Hashtags are used to categorise photos and videos on not only Instagram, but Twitter and Facebook as well. By using a hashtag on a photo it’ll make sure others can find that picture when exploring that hashtag. You can use more than one hashtag for each picture or video but Instagram is limited to 30 tags per post. That means if you target the right audience you’ll be featured in 30 unique categories! Here are 10 hashtags for you to enjoy:
  1. #winter - 53,634,335
  2. #snow - 41,436,302
  3. #christmas - 66,198,067
  4. #cold - 26,315,371
  5. #frozen - 9,878,201
  6. #freezing - 2,940,884
  7. #snowing - 1,875,290
  8. #christmasparty - 1,641,457
  9. #wintertime - 1,420,866
  10. #christmasgift - 1,088,309
What the numbers after each hashtag represents is the amount of media that has been uploaded with this specific hashtag. You can use these tags when uploading new media on Instagram or use them right here on Gramista to automate liking and following of people who uploaded on these tags. Many of you probably didn’t know that you can do hashtag research from your computer. You’ll want to first navigate to a hashtag like this one. Instagram made it possible to use the explore feature right from a desktop without being logged in. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for hashtags and even get suggestions on the best tags! Don’t be fooled by the post count though. Yes, a large post count does tell you if a hashtag has been or is insanely popular, but tags with a low count can actually be trending right now. You’ll want to scroll down to the “most recent” section and start looking at when each post was actually uploaded. If the time between each picture is small enough then you’ve just found yourself a trending hashtag!