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5 Entrepreneurs We Love on Instagram

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging work. Long hours working for unpredictable pay (especially when you’re just getting your business off the ground), projects that take hours upon hours getting *just* right and an unpredictable future that lies ahead of you.

Yet, when that project is off the ground and you’re enjoying a well deserved weekend away from your home office, being an entrepreneur can be exhilarating and so very rewarding.

During the aforementioned challenging times, we often look to others for guidance or inspiration - entrepreneurs who have succeeded in their own rights, who offer wisdom that we so very need during those long nights and early mornings.

We used to look to these individuals as mentors, needing face-to-face interaction through a coffee or lunch meeting. Now, thanks to the power of social media, we can interact with fellow entrepreneurs in a whole new way, even those entrepreneurs who once seemed unattainable to reach - the likes of Richard Branson and Elon Musk, to name just two.

Social media - primarily, Instagram - is a great way to engage with these influencers and follow them for inspiration. Entrepreneur inspiration.

We follow so many entrepreneurs on Instagram, it’s hard to select just five to recommend as our “must follow” accounts. Yet, we’ve done this hard work and have put together our must-follow entrepreneurs on Instagram. You’ll be inspired with each and every scroll as you navigate through their accounts.

Here are the 5 entrepreneurs we love on Instagram

1. Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a best selling author, speaker and all-around seemingly great guy, according to Instagram. He’s a leadership-based author, writing books about ways to become a great leader, team building and inspirational entrepreneurship books.

We love following Simon because he showcases the truly amazing parts of being an entrepreneur, from traveling for speaking gigs to images of amazing quotes. In his stories, Simon is every bit as real and raw as he is inspirational - sharing the trials and tribulations, while remaining true to his entrepreneurial passion. Simon is a great entrepreneur to follow for inspiration of what it looks like on the other side of success.

2. Devon Brooks

Devon Brooks is an entrepreneur based out of Canada who founded “Blo Dry Bar”, a quick hair blo dry and style for women, without needing to go to a salon. The concept was simple - make an appointment, get your hair washed, dried and styled and off you go.

Devon sold Blo Dry Bar and went on to become a serial entrepreneur, co-founding and investing in many other start-up organizations.

Her Instagram account is great for women and mothers to follow, in particular. It offers a wonderful look into life as a mother (Devon has two kids) all the while managing multiple endeavors. She’s a true powerhouse.

3. Richard Branson

A name that everyone knows, Richard Branson, is an adventurer at heart and a true business specimen. He is the founder of Virgin Group, which includes such companies like Virgin Mobile, Virgin Hotels, Virgin airlines and more.

Richard shares his many travels through his Instagram account, from his residence on Necker Island to times spent on his many adventures. He also shares inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein, Dorothy Parker, Meryl Streep and more.

Richard’s Instagram account is great to follow for wonderful photos of travel inspiration and quotes that will motivate you to work as hard as this famous entrepreneur.

4. Julie Rice

Julie Rice is a co-founder of SoulCycle, the spin fitness workout that has taken the world by storm, and is also a partner in WeWork, a global co-working chain. Julie is another one of the female serial entrepreneurs who shares inspirational photos and videos through Instagram.

With a great mix of family, business and pleasure, Julie offers a great account to follow for female entrepreneurs. She frequently posts about meaningful family moments, like taking her kids on a field trip with their school, to incredible speaking opportunities alongside other entrepreneurs.

5. Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a digital marketing and customer service expert who has written New York Times best selling books (six of them, in fact) and a founder of the consultancy, Convince and Convert. His dream of turning every company into a customer service-focused business is shared through his Instagram account, with images of incredible quotes, videos of his tips and tricks for using social media to attract a new audience and the ever-so-frequent “suit selfie” (he loves his suits).

Jay is a must-follow for every entrepreneur, as he offers a unique perspective on customer service initiatives and brand building. He should know, as he’s built Convince and Convert into a business that has worked with 700 businesses in the Fortune 1000. Very impressive.

Entrepreneurs on Instagram are a unique bunch, as they showcase their trials and tribulations, their late nights and frequent travel, and inspirational quotes that help them get out of bed with passion each and every day. From big name entrepreneurs like Richard Branson to lesser-known, but very inspirational names like Devon Brooks, it’s clear that every entrepreneur is different in their own unique way, though they share commonalities - passion and drive to succeed.