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5 Social Media Marketing Podcasts We Love to Listen To

In this fast-paced world where we consume a lot of content on the go, podcasts have become a very popular source of entertainment, information, and education. A study published last year revealed that more than 25% of Americans listen to podcasts. Half of them do it while driving, 46% while commuting and traveling, and 40% while engaging in outdoor physical activities.

Whether you are commuting, waiting in line, or have a gap between two meetings, you probably find yourself with an hour or two a day when you’re not doing anything. Instead of just killing time, why not use these few hours to become even better at what you do?

Discovering the Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts

With hundreds of thousands of regularly updated podcasts on the internet, you are more than likely to find at least one on any topic you can think of. If social media and/or digital marketing are your preferred topics, there are plenty of popular podcasts hosted by certified experts in this field. They use their podcasts as a platform to discuss current hot topics, compare experiences with their peers, as well as to share tips, tricks, and important social media marketing lessons with newcomers to the industry.

To help you find a good place to start, here are our picks for the best social media marketing podcasts.

1. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

If you’ve ever read about social media marketing, you have probably come across Michael Stelzner’s name. In 2009, he founded Social Media Examiner, one of the leading websites on all social media-related matters. Three years later, he launched the Social Media Marketing podcast.

Social Media Marketing is a weekly podcast in which Stelzner interviews industry professionals and successful entrepreneurs and talks to them about their social media strategies and success stories. Listeners can learn about new methods and tips to improve their social media marketing efforts.

Some of the topics covered so far include the benefits of using an Instagram business account, detailed analyses of Facebook’s algorithms and analytics, as well as methods and strategies to promote webinars using social media. To ensure that users will learn something from listening to this podcast, each 45-minute episode is accompanied by a post on the Social Media Examiner website, which includes extensive notes on the episode, illustrations, lists of actionable steps, and links to additional resources.


2. Social Media Social Hour

For the past ten years, Tyler Anderson has been the CEO of Casual Fridays, a successful San Diego-based social media marketing agency. Since 2013, he has selflessly shared his knowledge with the listeners of Social Media Social Hour, his weekly podcast on social media marketing and social media in general.

Rather than limiting his scope to just a handful of most popular platforms, Anderson covers all popular social media networks. You will find tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your social media marketing on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, as well as some often overlooked platforms like Google , Periscope, Blab, and Meerkat.

Over the past five years, the podcast has covered hundreds of topics, including influencer marketing, using Pinterest to grow your brand, overcoming negative reviews, and the inner workings of Facebook’s news feed algorithms. In addition to interviewing social media marketing experts, Anderson also often recommends apps and tools that help him in his everyday work.

3. Passion in Business

Allie McAdam is a self-made entrepreneur and social media strategist whose Passion in Business podcast has been going strong since 2015, with up to five new episodes posted some weeks. Although it covers a broad range of digital marketing-related topics (automation, web design, and email marketing), the podcast – just like McAdam herself – focuses primarily on all things Instagram.

In McAdam’s own words, the goal of this podcast is to help people build an audience, develop social media strategies, and market their brand or business successfully on Instagram while still maintaining an active and fulfilling life outside of work.

The Passion in Business podcast has covered more than a hundred Instagram-related topics, including reposting old content, finding the right followers, as well as the reasons why some people are losing followers. Also, unlike most other digital marketing podcasters, McAdam is just as candid about her professional lows as she is about her highs, which is not only educational but also makes for a very pleasant change of pace.

4. Social Pros

One of the most popular social media marketing podcasts, Social Pros has recently won the Content Marketing Award for the best industry-related podcast. It is hosted by Jay Baer, a NY Times bestselling author and founder of digital marketing agency Convince and Convert, and Adam Brown, digital strategist at Salesforce and former social media manager for major brands like Dell and Coca-Cola.

In more than 300 episodes published so far, Baer and Brown have interviewed successful entrepreneurs, digital marketing strategists, as well as creatives from some of the world’s largest companies. They have also analyzed the social media marketing strategies of world-renowned brands like ESPN, IBM, and Ford to help listeners gain new insight and learn about tried and tested methods to improve their marketing.

Among other topics, the Social Pros podcast has offered tips to eliminate boring content, discovered the secrets of Twitter power users, and discussed the link between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. At the end of each episode, the guests share their one tip for becoming a social pro.


5. Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is another self-made entrepreneur who has spent the last decade educating business owners, entrepreneurs, and other educators about the ins and outs of digital marketing. For the last five years, she has also hosted Online Marketing Made Easy, a highly informative weekly podcast in which she shares her own tested strategies to help listeners generate leads and monetize their online content.

Because she’s an educator first and foremost, Porterfield even creates and shares free cheatsheets so that her listeners can follow along as they listen to the episode. Although she primarily focuses on lead generation and email marketing, Porterfield also covers a wide range of topics related to social media, digital marketing, and digital entrepreneurship, often talking about her own business experiences.

Some of the previous episodes have offered expert tips on managing small Facebook groups, using Instagram stories for marketing purposes, and using Pinterest to drive website traffic. In several episodes, Porterfield was joined Rick Mulready, by Facebook ad expert, to discuss Facebook and Instagram ads.

The Final Word

Whether you’re new to social media marketing or just want to expand your horizons and build upon your existing knowledge, any of these five podcasts would be a great choice. Hosted by experts with years of professional experience and industry recognition, these podcasts provide valuable social media marketing lessons and strategies that can help you improve your marketing efforts. The next time you have 45 minutes to kill, put on your headphones and start learning.