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5 Tips to Organize a Successful Instagram Giveaway

Everybody loves getting free stuff. Giving people a chance to win something by performing a few simple tasks is a sure-fire way of increasing your following provided that you do it right. This is why contests and giveaways are so popular. Relying on the Law of Reciprocity, the idea is simple: you do something for our page, and we’ll do something for you.

However, there’s more to organizing a successful giveaway than just promising free stuff to your followers. There are quite some things to keep in mind if you want to do it right. If you’re new to giveaways, here are some tips to get you going.

1. Have a Clear Goal

You should never organize a giveaway just because. You need to define a clear goal so that you can come up with the steps towards fulfilling it. Some of the most popular reasons why you might want to organize giveaways include:

Generally, every giveaway strategy should help you spread the word about your brand. However, it should also have a bit more specific goal that will yield different results. For example, more engagement will help you rank higher in searches and the explore page, while user-generated content will give you more insight into how people use your products and serve as a source of fresh content for you.

This step is among the most important ones, so do your best to define the right purpose of your giveaway.


2. Offer the Right Prize

Since millennials make up 61% of all Instagram users, every giveaway you start should have them as target audience. If you want to make sure that your giveaway is successful, one of the most important things to do is to offer the right prize.

Owning stuff is easy nowadays. This means that free iPads and clothes aren’t as appealing as they used to be. This isn’t just too generic and lazy, but is also something that not enough people will put in the effort to get.

Instead, focus on experiences. 78% of millennials are more likely to spend their money on experiences rather than products. This means that offering great experience-related prizes is your safest bet. Offer tickets for music festivals or sports events, organize a meet-and-greet, or find some activity that your followers might find interesting and try to incorporate it into the prize.

This isn’t to say that product-based giveaways won’t do the job, it’s just that they’re much less likely to yield the results you’re looking for. If you still want to offer products, make sure that their value extends beyond just their cost by ensuring an emotional response from your followers.

3. Have a Detailed Description of the Giveaway

Instagram offers promotion guidelines that you need to look into before you run your giveaway. Failing to meet these guidelines won’t only hurt the giveaway, but can also put your account at risk.

Thankfully, respecting these guidelines is a lot easier than it sounds. A clear description of the giveaway will let you cover all grounds. Here’s what every description needs to have:

  • The rules
  • Eligibility and restrictions (age, location, etc.)
  • The prize
  • The deadline
  • The winner announcement date

Within the rules, you need to define clear steps that everyone should follow to enter the giveaway. It’s important that the steps are easy and don’t take up much time. The general tasks that brands use include post sharing, commenting, and tagging people.

When it comes to the deadline, it’s best if your giveaway runs for 1-2 weeks. That’s enough to ensure that enough people participate and that they don’t lose their interest.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, your campaign is pretty much ready. Now it’s time to spread the word.


4. Promote the Giveaway

Even the best of giveaways fail without proper promotion. That’s just how marketing works. As with every other post you create, you’ll want to make sure that your giveaway reaches as many people as possible. However obvious this may sound, it’s actually one of the main struggles that people have.

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a relevant hashtag. This is something that will set you apart from the crowd and might do wonders for the success of your giveaway. Make sure that the hashtag is simple, recognizable, and that it fits the theme.

Another hugely important thing is to write a good caption. Knowing how to write captions is one of the determining factors of any campaign’s success. Make sure that your captions are punchy, personal, and that you write the most eye-catching things first. Also, always include a call to action, as it’s an important component in getting people to participate.

In addition to this, make sure to find some pictures that are likely to draw people’s attention. After all, this is the thing that Instagram is all about.

When it comes to the posting frequency, it can vary based on the type of the giveaway. Generally, you’ll want to post at least once a day and up to as many times as you can without spamming your followers.

5. Evaluate the Results

After the giveaway is over, make sure to take a close look at the results it produced. Check the number of new followers, clicks on outgoing links, and other important metrics.

This will give you an overview of your success and allow you to draw some important conclusions that will help your future giveaways even more successful. After you’ve organized more of them, make sure to compare them to see what works and what could use some tweaking.

Another thing that you should always do is edit the posts related to the giveaway by notifying the users that it’s closed. You never know when someone might see the post, and this unnecessary confusion might lead to negative reputation.

The Final Word

If you go through the above steps carefully, your giveaway will be bound to reach the goal you’ve set for it. Contest and giveaways are incredibly important for brand awareness and engagement, so make sure to organize at least a few of them.

Also, keep in mind that these aren’t magic tools that will transform your Instagram page overnight. It might take some time for the giveaway to take off, and some of them won’t succeed despite your best efforts. What’s important is to experiment and find as many ways as you can to improve your campaigns.