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6 Tips For Entrepreneurs on Instagram

Being an entrepreneur can be tough work - yet so rewarding. The challenge of starting a business, launching a brand or building a company is no small feat, and one that has a direct impact on your livelihood. When it comes to promotion of such a company or endeavor, you are one hundred percent invested in the success of your marketing and digital strategy.

So, when deciding how and where to promote your brand, one of the best ways you can connect to your audience is through social media - particularly, through Instagram. Instagram is a great way to engage with followers, those who have yet to follow you and potential clients for your business.

With 71% of businesses in the United States using Instagram and 80% of Instagram users following a business on the network, Instagram offers a prime opportunity for businesses to engage with potential customers.

If you are an entrepreneur building your brand or business online, Instagram is the must-use network for your biz.

Here are our 6 tips for entrepreneurs on Instagram

1. Select your username carefully

Your username is one of the most important first steps in opening an Instagram account for your business. Your username is what will help define you as your brand grows and what will make it easier for your potential followers search for you.

Be sure that you username reflects your business or your personal brand, whichever business you are promoting on the network. If you are an entrepreneur launching your business profile on Instagram, you will want to ensure your business name is front and center. If launching your personal brand, try secure your first and last name as your username.

2. Set-up a business profile

If you’ve selected to set-up a business username on Instagram, be sure to set-up a business profile. When switching to a business account, you will get access to a number of free features. These extra features are integral in helping grow your account quickly. These extra features include statistics and data on your followers.

3. Use tracking links

While setting up a business profile will give you plenty of valuable data on your followers and those who engage with you, using a profile tracking link in your Instagram account profile can help further discover data and insights into your audience.

In your Instagram bio, you can include a link to your personal or business website. Use a custom URL building like to track clicks and engagements.

4. Engage, engage, engage

One of the challenges that entrepreneurs often have is a lack of time, which can impact your own social media channels.

This is why spending 10 minutes each and every day to engage with your followers can differentiate you between yourself as an entrepreneur and others. Engaging with those who comment on your photos, who have recently followed you or who you have recently followed will certainly set you apart from the rest.

5. Build a social media calendar

Much like a lack of engagement, we often see entrepreneur Instagram profiles go dormant for a few weeks or months, or have sporadic posting schedules. This is often due to life (and business) getting busy - we get it!

Building a social media calendar will help ensure your account doesn’t go quiet. Develop a thoughtful sequence of Instagram content that will make certain your account is constantly active.

6. Showcase your personality

You’re an entrepreneur. You are building - or have built - a business that is truly your own, and one that you are so very passionate about.

Using Instagram, it’s important to showcase your personality. After all, that’s what will help make your account different from all of the other entrepreneurs on the network.

Showcase your personality using emojis, funny or unique captions, branded hashtags, or using Instagram Stories to showcase behind the scenes content. Showcasing your personality will surely go a long way to building your personal or business brand on Instagram.

There’s no doubt that using Instagram for your business or your own personal profiles will help expand and further showcase your personal brand or business; after all, the network was created to display personal photos and act as your very own online photo book. It has since expanded to be a strong contender as the top social media network for brands, businesses and entrepreneurs like yourself.

When launching and sustaining an Instagram account for your business, be sure to begin by selecting an Instagram handle that makes the most sense for your personal brand or business profile. Next, be sure to use a business profile for your account, to get the most out of statistics and analytics from your profile. When your account has been set-up, it is important to sustain your social media calendar with consistent posting and engagement. Finally, be sure to showcase your personality and enjoy your process, every step of the way!