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Fashion Items Aren't the Only Products That Sell on Instagram

Instagram has a fairly solidified reputation in being a platform where fashion enthusiasts can thrive. This of course turned into many people starting their own clothing brands, as well as existing brands pushing out their promotional posts. Instagram is built off interesting and high-quality images, so it's no surprise that the fashion industry has grown so well on it. However, you might be surprised to find out that a lot of other niches can do just as well, if not better. A survey in 2016 by Instagram showed that approximately 66% of people said that they were interested in shopping using their smartphones, which shows that general mobile shopping is on the rise. Out of these people specifically, 69% said that they use their smartphones to purchase products online, more than they used to. For those that purchase electronics, half of them did so online.

Technology is the up-and-coming niche

It makes sense that tech savvy individuals are purchasing tech-related hardware through online mediums, using their phones. But what does the demographic data of these shoppers look like? The data showed us that of all the people that follow tech related Instagram accounts, 56% of those were male. They were also a lot older than the average Instagram user, with the age range of 25 to 34 being the average. On top of that, the data also showed that tech enthusiast Instagrammers were active seven days a week, as well as being active all throughout the day. They are also more likely to have more followers, even though they are just regular users and accounts. With this knowledge, you would be able to instantly start a tech related account and be able to target the best converting audience almost straight away. This doesn't mean that other niches can't convert just as well, though, but it's important that you get rid of the idea that only fashion sells.

How to drive sales and promote your brand

We already have proof that people love to shop using their mobile device, so what methods are required in order to convert your potential followers into customers? These tips don't just apply to the fashion and technology niches that we have spoken about previously and can apply to any niche that you wish to dominate.

Business account

If you plan to use Instagram as part of your business promotion, it's important that you have an account that is separate from your personal one. You should rarely appear on your brand’s page at all, which will keep it looking more professional. Having a business Instagram account also allows you access to in-depth analytical data, to closely monitor and review your post engagement.


There aren’t many opportunities to push a website link on Instagram, so it's important that you utilize the URL feature in the bio settings. This is also the only place that your link will be clickable, and will be underneath the description of your profile. It's important that this link is to your shop's home page or a specially targeted landing page. The last thing people see before they follow you, or click your bio link, will be your bio text. This should be a concise description of who or what you are, and should include your business name. This isn't a chance to cram in as much sales text as possible and should be interesting to read.

Consistent name and photo

It is a lot more difficult to snag the catchy and cool sounding brand names on social media platforms, but it's important that you try and keep them as close to each other as possible. This will enable you to stay recognizable and will help people to follow you on all of your other platforms. If possible, try to keep your profile image the same as well. Your engagement on Instagram will show a thumbnail of your logo, so it's important that you use this opportunity to make sure that it's not only professional but something that makes you recognizable.

Create unique and popular posts

If your purpose is to try and push a product, hard selling is not the answer. Having a stock photo, with a caption that says "buy it now" will certainly convert terribly. However, if you have a reasonably artistic high-quality image of your product, with a short description of the situation it's being used in, then you should convert better. People who are genuinely interested will likely visit your profile and then will be able to click your bio link. The idea is to show off your product without words, which allows your followers to make their own decision, without being put off by sales text. There is a fine line between being influential with a purchasing decision, and being too pushy, but it will take some practice and testing to find the perfect balance. Boosting engagement on your posts will also allow it to be seen by the masses, especially with Instagram’s latest algorithm changes. This works by having your post more likely to be seen by others, as more people engage with it.

Share your follower's photos

If you're starting to get sales then look out for customers who have posted images of your products on their Instagram profile. The may tag you in them specifically, or use related hashtags. Either way, reposting a customer's photo helps to maintain a good relationship with them and your followers. The average person will also feel privileged to be mentioned by a brand authority profile. This also works as a way of showing off user testimonials as well but in a more subtle way.

Respond to notifications

Obviously, this can be a bit tricky if your profile explodes with engagement and followers, although by then you would have already completed your task. Responding to comments and liking user content is the best way to receive engagement in return. This doesn't have to be done manually, as using a tool like Gramista will give you better results, than if you did it manually.