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Five Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: All social media platforms need a different approach, but also need to carry your brand consistently and effectively. This is no easy task, for both the individual or the big company. In an effort to help social media marketers with this juggling act, companies such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social suggest using social media calendars. Whether you are looking to launch a big marketing campaign, or simply want to promote Instagram posts, these calendars give you a single, referrable sheet that you can use to organise your content. 
But, some may say, social media is supposed to be spontaneous. Do I really need a social media calendar to succeed? The answer: Yes. And here are five reasons why.

Keep Track Of Important Events For You and Your Followers

Like any calendar, it is important to note down any events coming up in the future to make sure you don’t forget them. The same goes for a social media calendar. By looking ahead to important events, or events that you can use to promote your brand, you can begin to craft content ahead of time. No more last minute posts, or scrambling to find a relevant photo to reblog. After all, if you fail to prepare, than you are preparing to fail.

Knowing What, When, and Where You are Posting

Juggling several social media platforms is hard. You need to keep them all active, consistent, yet steady enough so your audience doesn’t feel like you are spamming them with content. It’s hard to remember what you posted, when you posted, and where you posted it, with just your memory alone. With a social media calendar, you can make note of this ahead of time. If there is a post that works better on Facebook than Instagram, you can schedule it in. This helps keep you on track, as well as archives the post for you to look back on at a later date. By making a note of what, where and when you posted, you can ensure that all of your platforms are receiving the right amount of attention, as well as keeping lots of variety month to month.

Follow the effectiveness of your posts

Using a social media calendar allows you to coordinate the time and date you share your content online. As such, when you refer to your analytics and stats, you’ll be able to see which posts gained the most attention, and which did not. This gives you the chance to experiment and create a schedule, making sure your posts reach the most amount of people. When you post randomly, finding patterns in your stats is difficult. When you post at a set time, in a set place, finding these patterns becomes much, much easier.

Saves You Time

Once you know what you’re going to post, you can write and schedule it. Although this may be a big workload in the short-term, in the long-term this will save you time. Writing last minute captions, rushing to post, crawling through feeds trying to share something relevant - all of this eats up valuable time spent elsewhere. If you have a backlog of content ready to go, you can dedicate your time to improving your editing skills, reaching out to influencers, responding to your followers, and so on. No one has enough time to do everything. However, with a social media calendar, you can make more time for activities that improve you, your content, and your social media’s reach.

Maintains Quality and Consistency

Posting constantly means losing quality. Having high quality posts means losing consistency, and therefore recognition for your hard work. With a social media calendar at your side, you will be able to get the best of both worlds. Setting a deadline for your work on a social media calendar keeps you posting on-time, consistently updating your followers on the latest content. However, by keeping these deadlines organised and under control, you enable yourself to produce high quality content without the pressure of rushing to post it. Having a social media calendar will inevitably help you maintain a long-term strategy for your brand. By keeping on track with everything, you make sure that you, your followers, and your content, are more positive than ever before.