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Getting Real Instagram Followers Has Never Been Easier

Most of us would enjoy extra followers on Instagram, whether that just means more happiness, sales or recognition makes the difference. Even though we know what it brings in terms of results we still don't have time or dedication to constantly be on Instagram. There is so much more to do and things that must be done that manually trying to gain Instagram followers is just not worth the effort. Today I'll be sharing a few tips that can increase the amount of followers you have but still spend the same amount of time.

Use Hashtags Efficiently

Yes, we've all heard about the magics of hashtags. Still this essential feature is not used often. Everyone talks about it but nobody puts it in action. The most common mistake that I've noticed is that people use the most popular and generic hashtags. Even though this will temporarily gain you a few likes, and in rare cases a few followers, they are not a good practice. You'll want half of your tags to be moderately inactive, that way your chances of reaching the "Top Posts" section is higher. Your uploaded media will also stick for a lot longer when searching for the specific hashtag. Half of your tags should be low in activity and the other half can be used for popular tags. You'll benefit in both the long run as well as the short run. Remember to follow this principle every time you upload something new.

Use Instagram Story

Instagram newly introduced this feature that reminds me a lot of Snapchat. People using Instagram enjoy watching Stories because it is something new, spicing up how Instagram is being interacted with. You'll want to make use of it. Not only will this make your profile pop at the top of the Instagram app, but people will remember your profile picture because of its visibility.

Use an Instagram Bot

The most efficient way of gaining followers and likes is simply by constantly interacting with other users. But as I noted before, this is also the most time-consuming task. What most people don't know is that there are companies out there that can take care of that for you, almost for free. By using what is called an Instagram bot you're able to automate liking and following of others on Instagram, that's exactly what we at Gramista offer. These are the most valuable tips that I can share with all of you. Hope you're able to use these tips on a daily basis to boost your Instagram game and we wish you the best of luck in any endeavor you have.