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Gramista Is Updating to Improve Your Experience

Gramista is being updated in the design and user experience department. As all things evolve we're also in the midst of changing things up a bit. You may have noticed that we rolled out a brand new checkout experience today, we’re going to cover that in this post and a few hints on how the future at Gramista looks like.

New Checkout

An easier way of purchasing licenses has been created. We’ve created a seamless checkout process eliminating some of the confusing elements of the old checkout. We decided to make this change so that it is now easier than ever to buy a license for a single account or multiple accounts. We started by removing “Buy License Bulk” from the main dashboard and smoothly incorporating a way of adding licenses upon checkout. Pressing “Buy License” on a specific account also takes you to the same seamless checkout. Everything has been integrated to a simplified process so that mistakes are harder to make. We hope that the new checkout helps you if you’ve had problems before, we know that changing things up can be confusing for some in the beginning. If you have any questions you are able to contact support at any time.

Redesigned Landing Page

The whole homepage for Gramista was completely redesigned a few months back to reflect a new style of design that is to be incorporated across Gramista. There is more color, less edges and a bit more animations that is involved to create a better and cleaner look. You will notice this pattern taking place on more pages in the months to come. Most recently the checkout page has followed this design pattern.

The Future of Dashboard

Small things have been altered on the dashboard and more things will in the near future. A lot of space will be freed up at the top section and you’ll see changes being rolled out soon. We feel that some things on the dashboard don’t serve our clients as they should and we’ll create a better user experience. We think that mobile users will appreciate it tremendously as we will make things easier and quicker to access. Oh and the blog will be redesigned to increase accessibility and receive a fresher look! Any changes that you want to see happen? Contact support right now! Gramista team out!