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How 80/20 Vision Can Revolutionise Your Social Media

What is 80/20 Vision?

80/20 vision, or the Pareto Principle, was named after Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto. Today’s entrepreneurs use this principle as a tool for understanding, managing and prioritising their business ventures. Now it’s time for you to use it and revolutionise your social media. By using 80/20 vision, you’ll not only make more engaging content for your followers, but also create a community for your brand or products. How? By following these two rules of thumb: Roughly 20% of your audience will produce 80% of your success. Roughly 20% of your posts should promote you, while 80% should not.

How Can I Use 80/20 Vision?

  • To evaluate your current audience. The majority of attention for a product comes from roughly 20% of the customers. These are your regulars: the people or businesses that frequently share, comment, like, follow, or purchase products through your social media. Rather than passively accept the attention, begin to investigate these regular customers. What other brands do they follow? What can you learn from them? What do they like about your content, and what content leaves them cold? While it might be tempting to try and grab the attention of the 80% - the irregular followers, or the one time buyers - your real focus should be directed at that loyal 20%. Crafting your content around that client base will not only make them feel special and cared for, but will encourage that dedicated community to grow.
  • When evaluating what to post on social media. 80% of what you post on social media should not be focused on you, your product, or your brand. Blasphemy? Perhaps. But the idea behind 80/20 vision is to build a community - to have people rely on you as much as you rely on them. The internet is full of corporate advertisements and “check out this new product” posts. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to do more than push a product onto them: you have to provide a service that listens, communicates, and helps them.

The 4 E's

So, if you’re only supposed to sell yourself 20% of the time, what do you fill your the social media with? This is where the 4 E’s come in.
  • Educate Have you found an industry related article on your feed? Or an event that you, and your followers, might be interested in? Share it with your audience! This may feel like you are promoting your competitors. But in reality, if you keep the content relevant and regular, you are showing your audience that you know what you’re talking about! You become a credible and reliable source on their social media feed.
  • Entertain Depending on what you want your social media image to be, entertaining your audience is never a bad thing. It might be witty status and a gif, a behind-the-scenes blog post, or even something as big as a fundraising event. Make them laugh and make them smile. Positivity is key to making you memorable.
  • Engage It is SOCIAL media, after all. Reply to customer comments and feedback, especially those who repeatedly engage with your posts. Provide calls to action, like an online poll, or host a giveaway. The internet is a place to connect!
  • Evaluate After trying these things for a couple of months, take a look at your analytics to see what content stuck. Find out what your 20% liked, what they didn’t, and adjust your posts accordingly. With all the white noise on social media, taking the time to listen is an invaluable skill for making your content stand out.
  • What Will It Achieve?

    • Brand Loyalty By showing that you are an approachable, experienced and educated individual, you make people loyal to your brand. Whether it’s to stay informed, entertained, or acknowledged, by using 80/20 vision your most loyal followers will stand by you stronger than ever before.
    • A wider audience Word of mouth is a powerful thing. By narrowing your focus on that 20%, you provide the biggest rewards to those individuals who stick close to you. This may attract the attention of the irregular 80%, who want to gain those rewards, as well as encourage your regulars to share the benefits of your brand. This expands your passive audience into a dedicated one, providing more success for you.
    • Keeping one step ahead 80/20 vision demands that you pay attention to your client base. To see what they like about you, why they like it, and how it compares to others in your industry. If you’re savvy enough, you’ll soon be able to notice what they’re missing before they even see it themselves. And then you can post it, for all to enjoy.

    What Do You Want To Gain From Your 20%?

    Everyone is different. When sitting down to do your social media strategy, think about what you want to encourage from your regular visitors. Is it the number of sales of a product? The likes, retweets, and exposure? Maybe it’s just customer engagement and satisfaction? Finding out what you want beforehand will help narrow down your focus. Likewise, when you are selling your product or brand, try to make sure that it isn’t a blanket sales pitch. If there’s a seasonal sale going on, promote that. If there’s a discount opportunity, use that. A new product in store? Your audience will want to know! If you’ve played your cards right with the other 80% of your content – providing education, entertainment and community engagement – that precious 20% will happily support and share your social media for all the world to see.