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How Can I Monetize My Instagram Account?

Everyone wants to be able to do what they love for a living. Whether it be in sports, gaming or arts they all can be monetised just by using Instagram. Unfortunately you don’t earn anything by just being famous. But one thing that is crucial to mention is: You don’t necessarily have to create a product or service yourself to be able to afford all the expensive things in life. But if you’re already selling something it’ll be easier to get started. Maybe you’re already happy with your regular job and want to make a bit more on the side. Why not spend a little extra time to make that happen using Instagram. Enjoying that extra or vital cash flow can only benefit and strengthen your financial state. Whatever situation you may be in I’ll show you how you can earn on Instagram, it’s up to you to which extent you want to apply them.

1. Create a PayPal account

Let’s start from the beginning. If you don’t already have a PayPal account this would be the perfect time to create one! Everyone that are into internet marketing uses PayPal because of its convenience. You can easily pay and receive funds instantly from all around the globe. Setup your account in a couple of minutes, it’ll be the best time spent this entire day. How are you going to bank if you’re not on the same platform as everyone else? Once you have an account you’re ready to go. You’ll be able to use the email address which you registered with to collect funds from products and services that you have provided. If you’re a business owner then PayPal is also a great way to sell merchandise. There are over 192 million active accounts, majority of these are customers buying goods. PayPal has attracted a lot of small businesses over the years but recently we’ve been seeing a huge increase in big corporations starting to accept PayPal as a payment option. Big companies using PayPal include: Sephora, Michael Kors, Walmart, Ebay, Apple, Target and many more. Using PayPal as a payment option will only make it easier for customers ready to make a purchase.

2. Capitalize On Captions

This is one of the best way of earning on Instagram without disturbing your hard-earned followers. By using this method you’ll be able to keep posting as you normally do with the difference being the text that is associated with the post. You’ll want to look for people on and off Instagram, get in contact with businesses that are willing to pay for you to include them in the caption of your next post. Try finding newly-started businesses like clothing brands or anything that is relatable to your Instagram account. If you can find a company that fits your audience you’re also able to earn more from them as you are basically providing them with customers vital to their success. When you’ve finally built these relationships with companies that actually benefit them in increased sales and exposure they’ll be sure to come back and give you even more to include them in your future post. Their success is your success. If you own a business yourself you’ll just use the caption space to advertise for your own goods!

3. Sell the Link and Profit in a Blink

Many don’t know that you can include a clickable link to another site as part of your Instagram bio. You can profit by including links to products or services for a limited time. This is also a very noninvasive method to earn from your Instagram profile. The same principles of contacting and finding people willing to pay you for advertisement as in the last method applies here as well. We’ll be sure to create another detailed post on how to find these contacts and build great relationships. A twist to this method, which is used extensively, is to post a photo or video about something and mentioning the “link in bio” in either the caption or in the media. By doing this you’re able to sell the bio link in combination with other methods raking in even more profits. You can then switch up the link for every post that you make.

4. Post a Pic, Get Cash Quick

The most obvious way of advertising on Instagram is… drum roll please… By posting a photo or video. Featuring sponsored content is what the Instagram community refers to as a “shoutout”. Most of the time you’re selling both the caption and the post at the same time. The person wanting the shoutout will choose which photo or video should be shown. Even though it might sound intrusive, it’s the most popular way of advertising, many of the biggest Instagram celebrities today do this. This method requires no need to find your own contacts. There are many sites that let buyers and sellers of shoutouts negotiate the deal. If it interests you then a simple Google search will let you know where you’ll find these sites! You will usually not keep these kind of posts forever, depending on the deal you can remove them after a few hours or a whole day at max. This is a sure way of quickly profiting from an Instagram profile, but can ultimately hurt your account as well. Because of the way you’re forcing your followers to look at advertisement they might not want to follow you anymore. If you’re not doing it too often you might as well get away with it, the earnings are not bad!