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How to be a Beauty Blogger

The rise of beauty bloggers has had a dramatic effect on everything from fashion to make-up: From the types of cosmetics being promoted in retail stores, to runway shows inspired by social media. However, how do you go from a selfie-snapper to a trend setter on Instagram? Today, we’re going to show you some of the secrets of beauty blogging – ones that you can put into practice immediately, to make your account rise to the top!

Stay close to the camera

You may have spent hours on perfecting that winged eyeliner, or flourishing off your brand new tank top in front of the camera. However, if the picture is out of focus, then so too will your followers. Keep close to the camera – not only to keep your picture crystal clear, but to also show off the little details of your beautification. The more you can show, the more your followers will try and mimic you, and the more attention your account will receive.

Background matters

That being said, be aware of your surroundings. Even if they are out of focus, seeing the blurry silhouette of your Mom in the background really takes the edge off that fabulous contour selfie. Either find a background that compliments what beauty product you’re trying to promote or, if you want to get creative, try and take an action shot. Out in a beautiful park, or in an urban street – whatever fits your style, own it!

Angle towards the shadows

In beauty, image is everything. You want the colours to pop. You want your face to be clear. And one easy trick to do this is to angle yourself towards the light. Preferably a natural light source, turn yourself around so that the light is directly on your face. This is will help avoid obscuring or unpleasant shadows, and help you to show off the natural flair of your skin. Also, if you are unsure about the perfect angle to take, don’t be afraid to move the camera in different ways. Experimentation is the best way to discover your look!

Focus on one thing at a time

Sometimes, we think we can do it all. Beautiful hair, face, fashion, all in one photo. Yet, it is far better to focus on one element at a time, rather than showcasing the whole new look in one go. Show us your eyebrows being on fleek. Show us the new dress, with a comment on why you bought it. Build a story around each product and let each one shine. Then, you can show the full picture, and your audience will feel more involved with it’s coming together. Focusing on one thing at a time helps build the hype around your look, as your followers wait for the final reveal.

Only promote/use products you love

This cannot be stressed enough. If you do become involved with sponsorship, you’ll want to promote products that you actually enjoy. Not only to show that you are legitimately excited about the brand, but also to make your Instagram life a lot more bearable to work with. After all, taking those perfect shots can be incredibly time consuming – would you rather use that time on things you hate, or things you love?

Consider your type of audience

Are your followers teenagers? Budget tied twenty-somethings? Or perhaps even older? Making note of who generates most of your views can be crucial in deciding what look to promote. After all, those primarily on a budget won’t want images of $100 dresses flaunted at them. You need to relate to your audience – to speak with them, and let them know that you are one of them.

Contact Instagrammers you like

It is called social media for a reason. Don’t be afraid to contact beauty brands and accounts. Be polite, of course. And be aware of boundaries. But making good friends, getting to know people in the industry, and keeping up with the latest trends, will help you stay connected and in the loop. To help you out, here’s a small list of big Instagram beauty bloggers!