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How to Beat the New Instagram Algorithm

Already in 2018, we have seen algorithm changes left, right, and centre across many social media platforms. And Instagram is no different. Once again, they have altered their algorithm, and influencers and businesses are having to work even harder than usual to find a way around it.

But, we have the inside scoop, and we’re here to help you grow your account with the new Instagram algorithm. Follow our simple hacks, and you’ll be able to beat to the new algorithm with no problem at all.

Why the Algorithm has changed

Ever since Instagram took away the chronological feed, users have been complaining in the hopes of getting it back. And, while it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting that anytime soon – changes have still been made.

There has been so much controversy surrounding various social media networks recently, that many of them have been tweaking their algorithms to combat this. They are trying to fight the spread of fake news and instil more confidence from users.

Engagement is number one

You’ve probably heard all about the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm and how it’s affected business pages. And, Instagram looks to be going the same way. When Zuckerberg announced the changes to Facebook, the one phrase that marketers really focused on was “meaningful conversations”.

The world’s largest social media platform shifted its focus from sharing business content to filling our news feeds with our friends and family. This move was intended to make Facebook a more personal experience. And, while this may be great for the users, it wasn’t so great for business pages.

Instagram is now going the same way, valuing posts with high levels of engagement, along with friends and family posts. So, if you want to get your content seen, you need to get some solid engagement - especially in the first 15 minutes of your post going out there.

Encourage your followers to engage with your posts by crafting compelling captions, high-quality images, and injecting your own personality into your account. 

Holding your follower's attention

Another change to the algorithm centres around how long people are viewing your content. It’s no longer enough to just get a like from a scrolling thumb. Now, you want your followers to be spending some serious time looking at your posts.

This means that posting video content rather than still images is now even more effective than ever. People are much more likely to view your post for longer if you’re posting videos. But, if you’re not a video producer, and can’t make something high quality - there are other ways to work around this. 

If you’re only posting a few words for your captions, then people are not going to view your post for very long. Instead, spend some time working on your captions and create something that tells a story and hooks people in. You want them to stop scrolling, so dig down deep and find your inner storyteller to stop them in their tracks.

Your other option to keep people on your post for longer is to post an image carousel. This is possibly going to be less effective than the other two methods though, as it isn’t as obvious to see in the feed. But, posting multiple images in the same post is a great way to increase time spent viewing your post, and beat the algorithm.

Keep track of your audience

Back when Instagram was a simpler place to navigate, all you needed to do to grow your account was keep posting good quality content on a consistent schedule. Now though, you need to be very aware of the audience you’re posting for, and continually adjust your strategy to match,


Now that engagement is key; you need to be posting at the optimal times for your account.

Instagram’s built-in analytics will let you know what days and times your followers are most active. Pay attention to this! You want to attract a high level of engagement in the first 15 minutes of posting to make Instagram take notice. So, posting when your followers are most active is vital.

Keep your content niche

The new algorithm is all about showing users what they like the most. So, when someone engages with a certain kind of content regularly, Instagram takes note and will continue to show them similar content.

This means that you need to have a solid niche in place and that all your content falls comfortably into this. If you post about travel one day, and then fitness the next - your content isn’t going to be shown to as many people in your niche. Keep it streamlined, and Instagram will know exactly who would love your content, and make sure they see it.

The explore feed

So far, all we’ve talked about is how the algorithm works in user’s normal feeds. But, the explore feature on Instagram can be a growth goldmine if you know how to utilise it. A lot of the tips and tricks you can use to boost your account through the normal feed can also be applied here. So, it’s worth working hard on what we already discussed.

The most important parts to keep in mind here, are the engagement you attract, and the type of content you’re putting out there. Get this right, and you’re much more likely to appear on the explore page and bring in new followers to your account.

So, while you do need to adjust your strategy because of this new algorithm, growing your account might not be as difficult as you think. The main thing to remember is just how important, meaningful engagement really is. Instagram wants to see longer comments and discussions on your posts and will reward you handsomely. So, beef up those captions, blast out those calls-to-action and keep producing awesome and high-quality content. You’ll soon see your account growing within the new algorithm.