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How To Build a Brilliant Bookstagram

Books are massive on Instagram. With popular hashtags like #bookstagram and #currentlyreading gaining thousands of potential followers, it’s no wonder that bookworms from all over the world have flocked to Instagram to build a bookish following. However, there is more to a good book blog than simply taking a photo of your latest book haul. In fact, it takes a creative mind and an artistic flair to take a book-focused instagram to the next level. So, if you’re looking to connect with fellow book lovers, and want to make an effective bookstagram account, here are the crucial things you need to consider before taking the plunge.

Every Photo Needs To Have a Purpose

Everyone has a book in their house. And anyone can put a book against a white wall, add some hashtags, and upload it to Instagram. The best bookstagrams, however, give every photo a purpose. Once you have decided on which book to photograph, think about what you would like the point of the photograph to be. Do you just really love the cover art and want to show it off? Does the book complete a collection on your bookshelf? Do you want to showcase yourself having a lovely time reading it? Whether it is purely based on nice visuals, or you want to tell a story with your book, take a moment to consider what you actually want the point of the image to be. By doing this, you’ll not only create varied content from one book to the next, but also provide yourself a vague idea of what you want the final picture to look like.

Consider Relevant Props

Having a picture of a book on its own is nice, but bland. To make your photo stand out, consider props and accessories that can accompany those brilliant shots. They could relate to the story itself, or simply correlate to the cover image on the front. Got a book with loads of flowers on the cover? Take some stylised pictures in the garden! Got a book with a detective protagonist? Invest in some cheap police props, such as fake handcuffs and a badge. It could even be as simple as posing the book beside a delicious looking cake, or a nice cup of tea. Props help give your pictures a sense of personal identity, as well as provide visual cues as to what the book is about. You’ll not only make your photos look nicer, but you’ll also be helping people make up their mind as to whether they would enjoy the book!

Contrast And Compliment The Book Cover

Knowing your way around the colour wheel is a huge advantage on Instagram, especially when it comes to bookstagram. Rather than having that white washed wall, look at the colour of your book and adapt around it. For example, if the book cover is predominantly red, you could either contrast the colour - add a blue background, or blue props, to the image - or, you could compliment it with different shades of red. By adapting the colours to suit the book, you will make each photo unique, draw the eye of followers, and help the book stand out from its surroundings. Which leads us to the most important rule of all…

Books Must Stay The Focus of The Picture

Whatever the background or prop, everything in a bookstagram photo is chosen to serve one purpose: making the book stand out. Books needs to be the centre of attention in your photos. As such, try not to clutter the photo with your props, or make the background so bright that the book is lost. At the end of the day, bookstagrams are there to celebrate how amazing books are. They help advertise the books to others, as well as show off your favourite collections to those who might not have heard of them. And thus, whatever style you go for, or whatever props you use, you need to keep the focus on the books. If you’re in consistent in doing that, then you’ll grow a bookish following in no time.