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How to build an Instagram brand like a pro

In today’s world, social media has become much more than just a way to keep in touch with friends and family. Now, if you’re not working on your personal brand online, you’re falling behind everyone else. Whether you’re looking to become an influencer, a blogger, or just impress your followers with your awesome aesthetic – building an Instagram brand is essential.

Personal brands on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to build your personal brand as it’s home to the best visuals online right now. And, the mixture of perfectly posed posts and spur of the moment stories means you’re able to create a fully-rounded profile.

Here are our top tips for building your own personal brand on Instagram:

Your brand name

Now, this doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extreme – in fact, the simpler, the better. You want to find a username that is easy to remember, spell, and read. If possible, try and avoid numbers and too much punctuation. It may be tricky to get your hands on your own name as username, but the closer you can get – the better.

Your bio

It may only be a few lines, but your bio is a tiny bit of insight into you, your account, and your personal brand. We recommend crafting it first in the notes section of your phone, so you can format it and make sure there are no mistakes.


Try and spread it out over a few lines to make it easier to read and be sure to include your brand hashtag if you have one.

Your feed

The key to building your brand like a pro is to keep a consistent theme to your feed. The theme itself will, of course, be determined by your brand itself. But, here are a few pointers to help you figure it out.

  • Colour: A lot of great brands on Instagram focus their feed on a specific colour palette. Keeping one colour running through all your pictures really helps to tie your feed together. It also makes your images instantly recognisable when they appear on your follower’s main feed. 

  • Filter: Slightly different to a simple choice of colour, you should also be editing your pictures in the same style throughout your feed. If you’re just getting to grips with Instagram, then use their built-in features. Once you’re more comfortable editing your images, you can use their editing tools, which give you a bit more control over how your visual comes out. For the seasoned pro, using a third-party tool to edit will give you even greater control, and a higher quality of image.

  • Caption: Your caption is where the personality of your brand can really shine. You should be using this space to tell stories, ask questions, and inspire your followers. Don’t let it get bogged down with hashtags. While these can be important, especially for boosting your reach, too many and it starts to look like spam. Keep it down to 5-10 hashtags and keep them all relevant to your image (no #f4f or #followme, please!)

Engage with other users

How can you expect people to engage with your posts, if you’re not engaging with theirs? We’re not recommending that you head out there and comment on every single one of your follower’s posts, but keep the conversation going away from your own feed and you’ll see amazing results. 

Click on the targeted hashtags you’re using in your own posts, and comment on the other images that come up. But, no one-word spammy comments. Read their captions, comment on the image, the story or the brand. Keep it relevant and keep it real. You can also search for locations that are relevant to your brand and engage there. For example, if you’re a travel blogger and have just visited Barcelona – start engaging with all the other Instagram users that have visited the city recently.

Be sure to keep your brand voice consistent throughout your comments. If you’re a sass-filled stylista, then let it show! Just be aware that when you write things online, the tone can sometimes be hard to read – and you can’t take anything back! Read and then re-read your comments a few times before posting, just in case.

Leverage Instagram Stories

The ephemeral shots are perfect for injecting some personality into your Instagram profile. Here, you don’t need to worry about perfecting your pose, or carefully crafting your caption. Instead, you want your stories to be realistic, raw, and (theoretically) unfiltered.

But, in the same way that you keep your feed consistent with colours and filters, your stories should all match your brand. While you should be having fun here, using the same font and filter throughout your stories will really make them stand out from the crowd. 

You also have the opportunity here to drive traffic directly to your site, online store, or blog with their “swipe up” feature. Apart from your bio – this is the only place on your Instagram that your followers can simply click a link to your content. Use it well!

Posting Schedule

An essential tool for effective brand growth on Instagram is consistency. Decide on a regular posting schedule – and stick to it! If you’re looking for steady growth, then posting 1-3 times per day should help you achieve this.

And this doesn’t just go for your regular posts. Keeping a regular schedule in your Stories will also do wonders for your brand. The more people watch through your stories, the more you appear at the start of their stories feed. So, if you’re posting at least a few times each day, then your followers are going to keep seeing your stories feed pop up. 

Just keep in mind the keywords for building your brand on Instagram - consistency, personality, and style. Yes, building on Instagram following can be hard work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Try new things, engage with your followers, and enjoy yourself. You’ll soon see that people respond best to “real” influencers, rather than the super-polished and distant personalities of the past.