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How to change your Instagram into an e-shop

Thousands of people use Instagram everyday. With so many eyes browsing Instagram from all over the world, it’s no wonder that selling products - whether you are an individual or a company - has become big business for the website. Setting up an e-shop on Instagram isn’t as easy as making a personal profile. It takes dedication, a deep sense of brand awareness, and original ideas that turn casual followers into devoted shoppers. It’s not an easy road, but if you get it right, it will definitely be worthwhile. To help you get started, here are a few things that you need to be aware of when turning your Instagram into an e-shop window.

Decide what you want to sell

This is the most important starting block for setting up an e-shop. There might be a huge number of products you want to sell, but to draw in a following you need to stay focused. Decide what you really want to put out there, whether or not you can sell it visually on Instagram, and whether it is something people would be interested in buy. As a heads-up: Beauty and fashion are the most popular types of e-shop on Instagram. This makes it the toughest market to break into. However, if the product is original enough, it is perhaps one of the most profitable areas to be part of.

High quality photos of your products

Sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget. High quality photos attract people to not only look at the picture, but to follow all of your content. Utilise your lighting, camera angles, and background when taking photos of your products for Instagram. Your photos need to compel your followers’ impulse to buy your product. Try to tell a story with your product photos - Show the customer why buying your product will make them happy. And if you have a whole gallery of lovely photos, you’ll soon find your followers window-shopping your Instagram on a regular basis.

Direct link

Make it as convenient as possible for the customer to purchase your product. The last thing you want is to lose a sale ust because a link didn’t work. Include a direct link to the item in the captions of your photo. Make sure that the link is not to your website, but to the actual product page of the item you are trying to sell in the photo. That way, your customer can waste no time buying their fantastic new item from you. If you have a website for your products already, such as an etsy or an Amazon page, then it’ll be a good idea to link them. If not, there are services such as Soldsie, Have2Have, or Inselly, which aim to create a seamless experience between scanning your Instagram and purchasing your product.

Encourage and showcase loyal brand supporters

Encourage your followers and customers to post a picture of themselves using your product on Instagram. Create a hashtag, or simply tell them to tag you, so that you can show your appreciation for their support. Research shows that user generated content, such as t-shirt selfies or sharing artwork, leads to more recurring purchases of an item. So when you see someone posing with your product, re-post the image, send them a message of thanks, and let them spread the word about how kind you are to your fans. There is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth, especially if you are looking to set up shop on Instagram.