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How To Create a Stunning Travel Instagram

Whether it’s to glimpse a land unknown, to showcase some awesome swimwear, or share vacation memories, Travel Blogs and Photography are big business on Instagram. Not only do these blogs transport us around the globe with their stunning pictures, but also enrich our lives with stories and experiences from all corners of the Earth. We’re going to share with you tips and tricks for making your travel blog stand out. There are hundreds of #instatravel accounts online, but by following our advice, you may join the lucky few who can turn their photography hobby into a profitable adventure.

Tips For Making a Good Travel blog

  • A MEMORABLE NAME Your first step begins when you set up your account. Make it look professional right from the start: A good quality profile picture, a well written, friendly bio, and a memorable account name. Take inspiration from NomadicMatt and ThePrettyCities. Not only are their names easy to remember, but they give an immediate sense of what the blog is about. It’s never too early to think about your brand!
  • FIND A NICHE Finding a niche in the market will help you develop a committed follower base, as well as make you unique on Instagram. For example, SamHorine found his niche by taking photos of forgotten, abandoned, or run-down parts of cities across the globe. Take the 80/20 approach: find your niche and have a smaller, dedicated fan base, rather than appealing to everyone.
  • TELL A STORY THROUGH PICTURES Nice photos are fine, but if you want to make your Instagram shine, try and tell the story of your travels through your photographs. This can be done by either linking multiple photos together, weaving a photo album for your journey, or simply capturing a moment of your adventure. Adding that personal touch is much more engaging than a static landscape.
  • BE COMMITTED Ideally, you should be posting pictures daily as you travel. If this proves too much, then a good minimum is three times a week. Regular updates help to keep your followers informed, as well as builds your gallery!
  • GO BEYOND INSTAGRAM Got a separate blog on wordpress or blogger? A Twitter account? A Facebook Page? Share a handful of those holiday snaps over there! Not only does this cast a wider net to draw followers, but also shows that you’re dedicated to your travel account. Don’t rely on your Instagram alone, share those beautiful pictures across the web.

How To Make Your Photos Memorable

  • LOOK FOR THE UNUSUAL We’ve all seen sunsets, mountains, oceans. In order to make a photo that really pops, you need to search for the unusual. This could be something in your environment – a strange looking building, street, animal or plant – or, if you really want to get creative, try a different angle. How do those ocean waves look up close? Or a mountain, seen from above?
  • THE MAGIC HOUR There is a "magic hour" in travel photography: Sunrise and Sunset. The lighting provided at these times is soft, full of intricate shadows, and has a low risk of overexposure. Taking your travel pics at this time can lead to some stunning shots.
  • FRAMING As you line up that perfect shot, think about the frame as three dimensions. The foreground, the midground, the background; the primary focus of the shot, what’s just behind it, and what’s in the distance. Rather than seeing your photos as a flat image, think of it as a picture with layers. Mastering framing will make those vacation photos more in-depth, drawing followers to your account again and again!

Investments For Your Blog

  • EXTERNAL EDITING SOFTWARE Anyone can slap an Instagram filter onto a photo. If you want to go the extra mile to really make your travel blog shine, download some free editing software. You can find a list of the best ones here!
  • HIGH-QUALITY CAMERA Photo quality is everything for a Travel Instagram. While your iPhone might take nice shots, investing in a top-notch camera will improve your photos tenfold. Some examples of good travel blog cameras include Canon Powershot SX430 and Praktica Waterproof Camera


One of the best ways to get your travel photos out there is by giving it a good hashtag. Next time you post a fantastic visual, try including one of these popular hashtags.
  • #travel
  • #adventure
  • #wanderlust
  • #instatravel
  • #travel
  • #travelphotography
Alternatively, you could include a geolocation or hashtag of the specific location, or you can create your own! Building your own hashtag will not only grow a sense of community, but will also make searching for your pictures that much easier for your followers!

People To Follow

Now that you’ve heard our tips and tricks, it’s time to learn from the pros! We’ve drawn up a list of popular travel bloggers on Instagram. Following them can show you what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to build your niche and make a brilliant travel bog. Remember, let these bloggers to inspire your own unique brand – no one likes a copy-cat!