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How To Share Your Next Event Through Instagram Photos

Event planners love Instagram. Not only is it a great way to showcase your latest event, be it a wedding, corporate event, birthday or other on the network, it’s also an excellent way to share your company’s capabilities and services to a larger, extended audience. Generating revenue opportunities through Instagram is one of the most significant reasons why event planners join the network.

Yet, how can you share your events - from weddings to corporate events and everything in between - on Instagram in a tasteful, impactful way?

We’ve researched event planner profiles on Instagram to deliver our favorite ways to share your next event through Instagram photos. Here’s what we found.

Share the event’s unique details - just like Mindy Weiss.

Mindy Weiss, a well known event planner based out of Los Angeles, shares only the most unique elements of her events on Instagram. From beach balls at a tropical theme birthday party to entrance vignettes for weddings, Mindy is specifically focused on sharing the intricate details.

This is a great tip to use when sharing photos from your events. Instead of taking a large panoramic photo that captures the entire scene, Mindy’s ability to hone in on the details make each and every photo that much more captivating.

Set a color block theme - like Countdown Events

Countdown Events, a wedding and corporate event planning duo based out of Vancouver, Canada, takes a different approach to Instagram. Each and every photo is beautiful in its own right, though it is the theme and color blocks that really make their feed ‘pop’/

The company focuses on color themes to make their feed simply stunning. For example, nine photos could have a purple tone to them, where the following nine will have a green tone. This sort of photo sharing of events can take greater planning from a feed strategy perspective, though it sure makes for an engaging way to consume photos of events.

Make your feed a mix of personal and professional - like Little Miss Party

Little Miss Party, a self proclaimed “Party Mom” based out of New York City, uses her feed to share personal and professional photos. While she posts photos of cute DIY event details in one post, the following is a photo of her son playing hockey.

This strategy doesn’t work for everyone, though for independent event planners, it’s a great way to create a personal identity that intertwines with your professional life.

Consider the professional photo quality approach - as Frank Alexander does

Frank Alexander, an event designer based out of New York City, focuses on great content from a professional, quality standpoint. All of the photos on this Instagram feed are clearly from a DSLR or similar camera, versus using an iPhone or similar smartphone option.

While smartphones are excellent for quick photos on the fly, and certainly for Instagram Stories, they aren’t always the greatest way to share remarkable photos from high quality events. Consider investing in a great camera and share your event photos like Frank Alexander.

We love these four examples of event planners from all areas of the world, in a variety of focused specialities that are doing so well on Instagram. When it comes to sharing your next event through Instagram, we have the following tips for you to use…

1. Set up the shot list and location before your event.

When managing an event, things can get - shall we say - crazy. It’s incredible how fast a day can go, or how quickly you can lose track of all of the “extra” tasks that you wanted to do!

Just like a photographer on a wedding or event day, set up your short list along with locations in advance. Identify ten or so great photos that you want to take, and indicate when you’ll take them. It certainly helps to share your next event through Instagram photos.

2. Craft your captions and hashtags in advance.

One of the most important things about sharing photos from an event is to share them quickly; that is, it’s important to not wait weeks after a corporate event to share photos and video. Instead, be sure to share your first post within 24-48 hours. This will help keep your channel alive, exciting and timely with your event management.

As such, it’s worthwhile to craft your captions and hashtags in advance. Much like a shot list, creating the captions and hashtags that will follow your photos will help speed up the posting process.

3. Target new audiences.

The purpose of sharing photos from your latest event isn’t to display pretty pictures for nothing - it’s to get a new audience engaged and interested in your work! Much like Instagram strategies for event planners are focused on generating ROI, targeting new audiences through Instagram event photos is a great way to engage new group of people.

Be sure to create your shot list, captions and hashtags with data and insights in mind from your account. Targeting your potential audience by using hashtags to target individuals who have similar interests or use locations to target those who frequent your general city or state location is a great way to reach out to new audiences and have them engage with your account.

Being an event planner can be tough work, though the beauty of event creation is truly what makes it all worth it. Sharing great photos and videos from your day with a new and existing audience can attract and retain potential next clients for your business. By using Instagram, you are tapping into a channel that provides plenty of great opportunity to grow your business.