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How to Tackle Social Media Fatigue

Everyone has got a breaking point. Whether you’re an individual, a start-up business, or a marketing aficionado, there is only so much social media you can take before the stress, pressure, and boredom sets in. Managing the content on multiple social media sites, too many friends and followers to keep track of, new influencers and competitors arriving every day: no wonder social media fatigue hits us! Spreading self too thin on so many different channels is overwhelming. However, with enough scheduling and forethought, there is a way to tackle social media fatigue. Here are a few ways you can keep yourself stress-free on social media.

Create Lists

Whether it is on the platform itself, or noted on an external spreadsheet, organising your influencers from your followers is a great way of keeping your fatigue under control. Rather than opening social media and confronting a wave of information, you can use your list to prioritise your engagement time on social media. Want to see what influencers are up to? Refer to the influencer list. Want to engage with your followers and the community? Create a list of active followers. Though it may take some time to set up, creating lists ensures that you keep your feed under control. You take control of who you use your time to engage with - thus, you fight off social media fatigue.

Hide Time Wasters

We’ve all got them. People and companies who you must follow, or who follow you, but post all the time. There will always be someone who clogs up your social media feed. Unfollowing them is one way to deal with it - but if they’re a big influencer in your field, such as a beauty blogger or magazine, then unfollowing them puts you at a disadvantage. To avoid this clogging of your feed, and therefore stress on your plate, simply choose to hide the individual’s content. Normally located in the top right hand corner, on most prominent social media channels there is an option to mute/hide an individual from your feed. That way, you are still following them, but have also cleared your feed of all their constant posting. And when you want to hear from them, you can simply click on their profile and read for yourself. You are in control as to when you see their content - and that control helps you reduce social media fatigue.

Don't Post All Day

There is a mistake that many social media people fall into: if you say a lot, then you’ll get far. The truth is, however, that if you post every single hour of the day, people become fatigued of you. They don’t want you cluttering up their feed - especially if what you are saying does not resonate with them. Thus, rather than stressing about posting every hour of the day, choose to focus on the content you are putting out. Draw a social media calendar, make a list of ideas, or simply look at your analytics to see when the peak posting times are. By being less haphazard about the way you post, you can begin to feel more in control - you de-stress yourself, as well as your audience.

Outsource If You Have To

There are hundreds of talented freelancers out there. From writers, to social media managers, to marketing co-ordinators. If you have the income to spare, and you need to take a break from your own social media, then outsourcing your accounts to another person can help alleviate the stress. You’ll need to be specific on what you want this person to do - whether it is to create content, schedule posts, or look through your analytics. Whatever it might be, being able to share the social media workload with another person will give you the space you need to stay focused, organised, and stress free.