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How to Use Instagram’s New Nametags Feature

Every once in a while, Instagram rolls out a new feature that enhances the user experience. As a result of these efforts, the platform is growing about 5 times faster than any other social media website.

These new additions have made the platform richer and offered many opportunities for people and businesses to spread the word about their activities, products, and services. From Stories to Instagram TV, there are numerous options to promote yourself in a way that will ensure engagement.

With the Nametags feature, Instagram has made this even easier. First announced in March, the feature was finally launched in October.

What Are Nametags?

When it was first announced, many people compared the Nametags feature to Snapchat’s QR Snapcodes. There’s a good reason for this since there are definitely some similarities. However, Instagram took a different approach to their version.

While you can use Snapcodes for unlocking filters, discovering new people and content, and all sorts of other things, Nametags are used specifically for finding and following new accounts in an easy way.

So what does it look like?

Essentially, it’s a QR code-like image that people can scan. Once they do, they can instantly open your Instagram page and start following you. This is very convenient and opens many doors that lead to a larger following.

Imagine that you’re holding a presentation in front of a lot of people and you want them to follow you on Instagram. Until now, the only way they could do it is by typing your handle in the search bar. It’s safe to say that more than a few people would find this bothersome or postpone it until they forgot about it.

Now, all you’d have to do is pop your Nametag onto the screen and ask your audience to point their Instagram cameras towards it. You can see how much more convenient this is since people can reach you far more easily.

If you want to explore the full potential of this feature, here’s everything that you should know.

Creating and Customizing Your Nametag

If you’ve updated Instagram to the latest version, your Nametag is already created. To access it, go to your profile and select the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner. In the side menu, you’ll see the Nametags feature.

Once you open it, you’ll see the editor that allows you to customize the Nametag. The first thing you can do is choose between three themes: color, emoji, and selfie. You can change the theme by tapping on the button at the top of the screen. Then, you can customize the design by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Once you’re happy with the style, simply leave the editor, and the Nametag will be saved. Keep in mind that you can change the style at any time.

Sharing Your Nametag

Once you’re done customizing the Nametag, you can start sharing it to get the most out of this feature. The main reason why it’s so good is that it gives you a visually appealing way of promoting your page. It also allows you to drive traffic to your page from different platforms much more easily.

Around 75% of people who use Twitter and Snapchat said that they use Instagram as well. By posting a picture of your nametag on these, or any other platform, you’re more likely to draw people towards your page than you would be if you just posted your handle.

Sharing your Nametag is easy. All you have to do is open the Nametag editor and click on the share icon in the upper right corner. From there, you can do any of the following:

  • Save the Nametag to your camera roll – This is great if you want to send it to people as you meet them.
  • Share it on social media – You can choose any major platform to do this.
  • Share it by text, email, etc.

There are all sorts of ways to promote your page with your Nametag. You can share it on your blog, website, and pretty much anywhere online. You can also print it on business cards, create flyers out of it, or put it on posters all over the city. When it comes to the number of possibilities, the sky is the limit.

You also have a completely new way of running promotions of your products. You can offer your buyers a discount if they scan your Nametag or offer prizes if they share it. In combination with other ways of getting your customers to share your brand, this feature can be a very powerful tool. There’s no doubt that it will quickly become a part of every good Instagram marketing strategy.

Scanning a Nametag

The whole point of Nametags is to make the process of finding new profiles easier. There’s no doubt that it does this, as connecting with users is easier than ever before.

There are two ways to scan a Nametag. The first one is to use your Stories camera. Simply point it to the Nametag and press and hold on the screen. You’ll see the account info pop up, and you’ll reach the person’s profile.

The second way of scanning a Nametag is through its dedicated menu. Once you open it, just go to ‘Scan a Nametag’ at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a new screen open, and all you have to do is point the camera at the Nametag.

This kind of convenience is exactly what users want. It’s also something that will help you grow your following in a much easier way.

The Final Word

As you can see, the Nametags feature is not just another thing that makes the platform more enjoyable to use but also an incredibly potent tool for getting your name out there.

On average, people spend around 32 minutes on Instagram every day. Using a Nametag can help you become a part of one of the quick checks that fit inside this timeframe.

Make sure to get creative with it and make it as eye-catching as it can be. If you do this and promote it properly, you can expect to turn more users into followers.