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Live Video - a Feature That Will Explode Your Engagement!

Video media, whether it's live or pre-recorded, is growing popular in an exponential rate. Instagram originally jumped on the bandwagon by allowing users to post images or videos onto their profile's story, similar to one of Snapchat's main features. They are now taking this one step further by allowing anyone to start their own live stream, which allows any of their followers to view it. Facebook has this feature, although the video can be viewed at later date. Instagram's live video is not recorded or saved, so if you don't tune in during the live broadcast, you will have permanently missed out.

Disappearing videos

As we have briefly spoken about previously, one of the unique features that Instagram live video has, is that the video is immediately erased after the stream has finished, with no option to save it. As with everything, someone will find a way to be able to record these videos, but that still doesn't deter its core relevance or uses. Due to its self-deleting nature, companies are already using this video format to offer specialized discounts or opt-ins, specifically for those who have tuned into the stream. This new style of handing out coupons and giveaways has completely reinvented the sales pitch that you can promote on Instagram, as well as allow you to specifically target certain times of day that are relevant to geo-locations.

Social media influencers

Instagram Live Video has opened up its doors to allow authority companies and influencers a specific way to interact with its audience, and to build closer relationships. The live video feature will enable the ability to reward the hardcore first responders on a stream, which in turn will create an exclusive club, as well as increase the hype towards your brand or services. Although this is a relatively old marketing technique, the use of live video makes this form of marketing even more exclusive than it was previously.

A new meaning to the word "exclusive"

Trying to persuade your potential customers to opt-in to your email newsletter blast is one of the oldest internet marketing tricks in existence. Unfortunately, a lot of people understand that by signing up to a newsletter, they really aren't getting some sort of exclusive VIP access, regardless of how well the persuasive tone of the landing page is. While the age of the newsletter is certainly not over, what could be better than to ask people to follow your account on Instagram in order to catch your live videos, where you will be providing legitimately unique content. People still love exclusive access, but they need to feel that it is exclusive. A great way to take advantage of the hype that's generated around exclusive content is to stream behind the scenes video of your business, that nobody else would be able to see unless they work there. Whether that's in a business meeting room, or backstage at a music concert, people love to see how successful brands and companies work from the inside. Another suitable way to use this feature is to use it to tease new products. As the video is a not permanent, you won't be able to give too much information away to your users, which is the disadvantage that Facebook Live has. By doing this correctly, you can create a buzz for your brand.

Live event broadcasting

Being able to live broadcast an event is going to be massively convenient, as it means you won't need to use other external services like YouTube or Twitch in order to create a live event. While using multiple platforms is not demanding, there will always be a leak between the platforms. While you may find that a lot of people will happily follow you over to YouTube to watch the live stream, it's likely that there will still be a large proportion of people who are either not interested enough to leave Instagram, or simply can't be bothered. This doesn't mean that you have to scrap other live video media outlets altogether, but it means that you will not have to try and get people to leave Instagram to view your broadcast. Niches which involve tuition and demonstrations have shown to be massively popular with this new live video feature. They can demonstrate techniques or host full interactive tutorials that would otherwise be tough previously. These video feeds come equipped with a comment section, which means that there is no disadvantage from using this over hosting it on YouTube. Due to the exclusive nature of these events, they are a lot less likely to be trolled, which should result in a more professional environment, for both the host and the audience.

Q&A sessions

Another great idea to boost overall engagement is to host exclusive question and answer sessions. Previously, if you enjoyed doing Q&A sessions, you would have to advertise and promote well in advance, to make sure that enough people would switch over to the other platform when you went live. This is now no longer the case, and those who would prefer to remain on Instagram now have this option. If you have never conducted a Q&A before, it's something that you should consider doing. It doesn't have to be frequently done, even once a year could be sufficient, depending on your niche. Nothing boosts engagement and hype more than followers and fans who are able to feel like they are actually speaking to the brand, or person, that they are following.

Be seen by all

Instagram allows users to browse the most popular live stream videos that are currently being watched. Therefore, if you are providing great content that is fully engaging your currents audience, then you have a good opportunity to try and make it on the Top Live Videos list. This will result in you being able to publicize yourself to the whole of Instagram, essentially for free. This is a social media marketers dream, and as this feature is still in its infancy, there is not a massive amount of competition. If you start to create decent live stream videos now, you will certainly reap the rewards, not just initially, but in the long term as well.