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How to be an Influencer Brands Want to Work With
Being an influencer is the hot new career that everyone wants to master - but with so many people out there trying to break through, how do you set yourself apart from the rest? If you want brands to choose to work with you, you need to be able to provide them with value as well. And it’s not only about how many followe...
10 Amazing Tools To Help Run Your Business On Instagram
Running an Instagram account for a business isn’t as easy as some might believe it to be. With everything from analytics to audience engagement to think about, as well as creating quality content that keeps people coming, successfully managing an Instagram account can be quite the dilemma.To help you out, we’ve ...
How to Find and Share Your USP

What is a USP?
A USP (or a Unique Selling Point) is what differentiates businesses, brands, and products from their competitors. 

It is, in layman’s terms, what makes you special. It is what you are best known for, or what you actively promote in your...
A Guide to Affiliate Links on Instagram

Using affiliate links is a great way to monetize your Instagram account. If you’re curious about affiliate links but aren’t familiar with them, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Affiliate Links? 
Before we can get into affiliat...