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4 Brands That Targeted Their Audience on Instagram Perfectly
 Instagram has changed the way many social media users today interact with and view the world around them. Instagram has become a cultural icon; its impact on society has been crucial to a variety of industries. Only by understanding how Instagram has changed the way audiences perceive products and bran...
10 Amazing Tools To Help Run Your Business On Instagram
Running an Instagram account for a business isn’t as easy as some might believe it to be. With everything from analytics to audience engagement to think about, as well as creating quality content that keeps people coming, successfully managing an Instagram account can be quite the dilemma.To help you out, we’ve ...
What is Real Time Marketing?

Real time marketing is different from scheduled campaigns, or even posts planned ahead on Instagram. Real time marketing engages with followers based on real time information. It is a strategy focused on quick and timely responses to current events, such as br...
How to change your Instagram into an e-shop

Thousands of people use Instagram everyday. With so many eyes browsing Instagram from all over the world, it’s no wonder that selling products - whether you are an individual or a company - has become big business for the website.

Setting ...