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Five Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: All social media platforms need a different approach, but also need to carry your brand consistently and effectively. This is no easy task, for both the individual or the big company.

In an effort to help ...
Three Key Things For An Awesome Instagram Aesthetic

What is an Instagram aesthetic?
When you click onto an Instagram feed, you are not only greeted with beautiful pictures, but also a sense of who the Instagrammer is, what they like to do, and the type of feeling they want you to feel w...
Make The Most of Instagram Stories

A relatively new feature has taken Instagram by storm: Instagram Stories. Taking the lead from the success of Snapchat, Instagram Stories are small snippets of photos or videos that show up on your followers’ feed fo...
Instagram Cameras - Three Important Things to Consider

It’s time to upgrade your equipment. No longer will you be tied to your I-phone camera or your Dad’s old point-and-shoot.. If you want to take Instagram seriously, you’ll need to get yourself a serious camera. One which will make...