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How to Identify Your Ideal Target Audience on Instagram
 Many marketers make the mistake of measuring their Instagram success by the number of followers they have. While having many followers is certainly something you should aspire to, it won’t be of much use to your business if none of them show any interest in the content that you post. To convert your Instag...
5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do on Instagram
It is common knowledge that a lot of people use Instagram. Back in September of 2017, the company said it had 800 million active monthly users. What is more, 500 million of them logged in daily. Fast forward to June of 2018, and the number of monthly users had grown to one billion. The company still hasn’t rele...
How to Use Custom Fonts on Instagram
There is absolutely no doubt that Instagram has grown immensely since its launch in October of 2010. According to the company itself, 2018 represented a true landmark in this regard as it signaled the point when Instagram’s global community reached the staggering figure of one billion members. To put that number into perspect...
7 Apps to Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level
7 Apps to Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next LevelWhen Instagram added the Stories functionality to its repertoire in 2016, it really hit the nail on the head. Despite the fact that this feature borrowed quite heavily from Snapchat (or perhaps because of it), Stories have grown to become one of the most ...