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How To Share Your Next Event Through Instagram Photos
Event planners love Instagram. Not only is it a great way to showcase your latest event, be it a wedding, corporate event, birthday or other on the network, it’s also an excellent way to share your company’s capabilities and services to a larger, extended audience. Generating revenue opportunities through Instagra...
5 Instagram Tips For Event Managers
Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps in 2018, with users (just like you!) sharing 95 million posts per day. That’s no small feat, with stories, posts and comments flying every single second of every single day. For event planners in particular, this is a noteworthy statistic to be aware of - one that should ...
How To Encourage Your Customers To Share Your Brand On Instagram
Being in the retail space, word travels fast - from a great fitting blouse at the local, handmade shop down the street to excellent customer service at the chain-based department store in the middle of the city, word of mouth can come through many different forms. One of the greatest ways is through social ...
How to take pictures of crowd, parties and food
Managing social media in the restaurant industry is certainly a unique experience, as social media managers and business owners alike will strategize and execute a plan that caters to customers, revenue opportunity and potential walk-in visitors. One of the most important ways you can share your message in a visual form is t...