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How to Add Music to Your Instagram Stories
Faced with younger, cooler, and hipper competition, Instagram saw its engagement levels plateau by early 2016. After six years of constant growth, users had found ways to achieve optimal exposure on Instagram with minimal effort. As a result, they were suddenly spending fewer hours on the platform each day. For powers tha...
How to Get the Verified Badge on Your Instagram Profile
Until a few months ago, the coveted blue checkmark on Instagram was reserved for major celebrities, public figures, and global brands. Things are about to change, though, as the social media platform now allows its users to request verification themselves and earn a verified badge.Of course, just because you ...
How to Add Shoppable Tags to Instagram Posts and Stories
With over one billion users around the world, more than half of them aged 18-29, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that marketers have predominantly turned to Instagram to promote their brands and attract new customers. The powers that be have realized the immense marketing potential of the popular platform, wh...
5 Social Media Marketing Podcasts We Love to Listen To
In this fast-paced world where we consume a lot of content on the go, podcasts have become a very popular source of entertainment, information, and education. A study published last year revealed that more than 25% of Americans listen to podcasts. Half of them do it while driving, 46% while commuting and trave...