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5 Things You Should Know About the New Instagram Algorithm
Instagram first introduced an algorithm-based news feed in March 2016 in an effort to improve user experience. For the first six years of the platform’s existence, users would open the app and see a feed made up of photos posted by the accounts they fol...
5 Ways to Use the New Instagram Stories Question Sticker for Your Business
Back in July, Instagram announced the Questions Sticker, an interactive way to let your friends submit questions for you to answer. The purpose of the feature is to create a great new way to engage with your friends and followers in a different way, one that goes beyond the direct message inbox. <...
5 Entrepreneurs We Love on Instagram
Being an entrepreneur can be challenging work. Long hours working for unpredictable pay (especially when you’re just getting your business off the ground), projects that take hours upon hours getting *just* right and an unpredictable future that lies ahead of you.Yet, when that project is off the ground and you’re enjoying a well ...
6 Tips For Entrepreneurs on Instagram
Being an entrepreneur can be tough work - yet so rewarding. The challenge of starting a business, launching a brand or building a company is no small feat, and one that has a direct impact on your livelihood. When it comes to promotion of such a company or endeavor, you are one hundred percent invested in the success of your marketin...