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How to build an Instagram brand like a pro
In today’s world, social media has become much more than just a way to keep in touch with friends and family. Now, if you’re not working on your personal brand online, you’re falling behind everyone else. Whether you’re looking to become an influencer, a blogger, or just impress your followers with your awesome aesthetic...
Videos on Instagram - How and Why You Should Be Posting More

You may think that in order to succeed on Instagram, you need to focus all of your energy on photography. Static photos, filtered selfies, travel snaps. While these are crucial to a varied Instagram feed, new studies show that vi...
How to Tackle Social Media Fatigue

Everyone has got a breaking point. Whether you’re an individual, a start-up business, or a marketing aficionado, there is only so much social media you can take before the stress, pressure, and boredom sets in. Managing the content on multiple social ...
Top 5 Free Editing Apps that Improve Your Selfies

Taking high quality photos is essential to a popular Instagram. This includes selfies. Love them or hate them, selfies have become a key staple in many people’s Instagram schedules.

However, many Instagrammers do not have the budget ...