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Changes Regarding License Time + New Feature

License time is now paused if neither liker nor follower is on, or if there are any critical issues with your Instagram.

This means that you will no longer lose license time when deciding to pause Gramista on your Instagram account. You will al...
Gramista Is Updating to Improve Your Experience

Gramista is being updated in the design and user experience department. As all things evolve we're also in the midst of changing things up a bit. You may have noticed that we rolled out a brand new checkout experience today, we’re going t...
Wohoo! Tag Packs For Everyone!

We're so excited to reveal a new feature once again!

We know that people can find it hard to come up with hashtags that are popular for their account. We've created something called Tag Packs, these can be found in the regular section where you add your tags in Advance...
Introducing A New Feature - Boost

We're very excited to introduce you to our freshest feature, Boost.

To maximize the amount of likes you get on a new post you can use the "Boost" feature now available in your account on Dashboard!

Everytime you post something new on Instagram, just push the button for effect. This will for 2 hrs intensify Gramista activity.

For safety purposes the feature can only be used once ...