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Things 10 Most-Followed Brands on Instagram Have in Common

What is the reason why some business profiles on Instagram are more popular than the others? Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to this question. Even if there was, it would probably be kept top secret by the 10 most-followed brands on Instagram. Still, in order to get closer to the magic formula, we decided to see which traits these brands have in common. For our research, we had to compare brands with the most popular Instagram profiles. At this moment, these are the following:
  1. Nike (@nike) – 65.2m followers
  2. National Geographic (@natgeo) – 62,2m followers
  3. Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) – 46.8m followers
  4. Nike Football (@nikefootball) – 23.6m followers
  5. H&M (@hm) – 17.2m followers
  6. Chanel (@chanelofficial) – 15.8m followers
  7. Adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) – 15.2m followers
  8. Zara (@zara) – 14.1m followers
  9. Louis Vuitton (@louisvuitton) – 13.5m followers
  10. Dior (@dior) – 12.3m followers

First Fact – 9 of 10 are Fashion Brands

National Geographic is the only brand on the list that has nothing to do with fashion. The other 9 are either fashion brands, clothing manufacturers or companies that deal with cosmetic products. The same pattern follows if you take a look at the brands with over 10 million Instagram followers. How do you take advantage of this fact? The whole point of fashion is to make us beautiful. This means that Instagram users like following profiles that feature beautiful women. In fact, to back this claim, we decided to take a look at the most followed personal profiles – all of them involve beautiful celebrities. Selena Gomez is number one, followed by Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. The most followed male on Instagram is Justin Bieber. Advice: In order to get more Instagram followers for your brand, think about starting a campaign that would feature female models.

Second Fact – Motivational Images

All of these Instagram profiles, including the one of National Geographic, are filled with photographs that make you want to live out your life. These images are engaging in a sense that they promote adventurous lifestyle. How to use this fact to your business’ benefit? Try to figure out how your brand can make people feel good about themselves. Think about starting a campaign that promotes a healthy lifestyle and outdoor experience, which would include your product/service. Advice: For starters, you can add more call-to-action phrases. Motivational quotes also seem as a good choice.

Third Fact – Partnership with Influencers & Celebs

Go to Nike’s Instagram page and you’ll see photos of some of the most legendary sportsmen of our era like LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo posing in Nike’s clothes. Nike also made sure to partner up with Instagram influencers like The Rock, who currently has over 69 million followers! Victoria’s Secret teamed up with Adriana Lima, Chanel had help of Kirsten Stewart, and so on. How does this matter to you? Obviously, you don’t have the budget to get LeBron James to feature in your advert. However, you can find some influencers who are ready to promote your brand. Advice: Make sure that the influencers that promote your product/service come from your company’s niche! That way you will get targeted audience to your Instagram profile.

Fourth Fact – Brands Create Their Own Hashtags

These brands have the power to set up trends. By creating hashtags, they decide what is going to be popular on Instagram. For example, Nike has just started with #NikeBasketball hashtag to celebrate the start of a new NBA season. How should you use hashtags properly? You can give it a shot in creating a hashtag that people would like, but it probably will not be too successful unless you have a loyal follower’s base. Instead, a much better option is to use hashtags that are already in use. This way, you will get exposure to your profile for free. Advice: Apart from using the hashtags that are trending at the moment, you can also add the evergreen hashtags to your posts, like #love, #cute, #picoftheday, #friends and so on.

Fifth Fact – These Brands Post Content Very Often

If you take a look at the Instagram profile of National Geographic, you will see lots of images. It’s because they post their content on a regular basis. In fact, you can expect a new photograph every 1-2 hours. This is what makes their followers engaged – they know that there’s always something going on there. How to post quality content and not be too spammy? It’s obvious that Instagram users like regular content. You need to provide them that if you want to build awareness of your brand. Still, you need to be careful not to become a spammer. People don’t want boring stuff, but posts that will make them feel good. The problem is finding enough time and inspiration to create good Instagram posts. Let an Instagram bot do the work for you! By using Gramista you'll have more time to spend on finding great inspiration for your next post.