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This Is How You Get More Instagram Followers - 11 Simple Tips

If you’re using Instagram and still thinks it’s difficult to gain followers, then there’s some great tips to be shared that’ll help you considerably. In this article you’ll find 11 simple tips that anyone can apply to increase the amount of people following you and checking out your profile. Last December, Instagram was able to announce that they had over 600 million users. The social network based on photos has become extremely large, and they most likely won’t stop growing with Facebook as owners since 2012. That’s why there’s great opportunity for you to gather Instagram followers - if done correctly! If you don’t have an Instagram account yet then let me describe it as a social network where photos are the main focus. It kinda works like Twitter, but instead of text you’ll mostly be posting photos that you’ve taken with your smartphone camera directly through the Instagram app. Instagram is available for both iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can also use Instagram from your browser if you’d prefer that. There’s a lot of services that offers you the ability to purchase followers. Those methods are not recommended, here’s why. Your number of followers will surely increase if you decide to buy followers, but they are in general totally worthless as they don’t add any value to your profile. Let’s move onto the tips that’ll actually help you become bigger on Instagram by letting others discover you and gathering followers in a normal fashion!

1. Take beautiful photos

The first tip is pretty obvious. If you upload beautiful and interesting photos you’ll attract users that want to follow you. So skip the pictures of clouds, sunsets, plane wings inside the cabin, pictures of your feet while lying on the beach and blurry selfies (unless there’s a good story behind them). And if you’re photographing kids - go down on your knees so that you’re not taking pictures of them from above, that’ll only make it seem as if you’re looking down at them.

2. Write good and funny captions

When you publish a photo you’ll have the opportunity to write a caption. Use it to write something entertaining and different. Also use this moment to put in relevant hashtags and to tag other Instagrammers that are relevant. A picture always becomes better with a matching caption - just take a look at any magazine.

3. Use hashtags - in an effective way

Instagram uses - just like Twitter and Facebook - of hashtags. It is kind of a categorization of your picture that starts with a #-sign. There are plenty of popular hashtags. When you click on a tag you’ll be presented by a page that’ll show all the latest pictures that use the same hashtag. Tags are used to further describe a picture or to connect it with other pictures containing the same hashtag. You can use a site called #TagsForLikes to get the most popular hashtags. But don’t use too many tags or those that are irrelevant. If you can’t fit all the tags after you’ve finished writing your caption then you’re probably trying to use too many tags!

4. Post regularly - continuity is important

Make it a routine to post on Instagram by trying to at least do it once a day. Show your followers that you’re active and that you post regularly. That does not mean that you should overdo it. Don’t post a lot of pictures at the same time, spread them out during the entire day. The best times to post is said to be in the mornings and evenings, after work hours.

5. Do something fun and different!

Taking stunning photos is essential, but the general motive behind each picture is crucial. You could even arrange pictures in a enjoyable and contrasting way by thoughtfully placing people or objects in a deliberate fashion. Something that many do is trying to find their own niche.

6. Instagram is a social platform - engage!

Unfortunately many only use Instagram to post photos. But just like any other social network you’ll have to actively engage with others. Make sure that you reply to comments, write your own on others’ posts and give a like to those that you… like. Instagram is, in spite of everything, meant to be social.

7. Share beyond Instagram

When you’re finally ready to publish a post you have the option to share it amongst other networks as well; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare. Don’t feel the need to post all your uploads to all of the platforms that you are connected to, but if you find suitable be sure to use the opportunity.

8. Improve your bio

Press on the button at the bottom right corner on your screen inside the Instagram app to take you to your profile page. Be sure to dedicate some time into writing your bio. Densely describe who you are, what you post, you can even include a hashtag, a link or convince someone to follow you. Be creative and keep it interesting!

9. Geotag your photos to well-known places

You can geotag your photos when you’re in the process of posting something new. This basically means that there will be a small text attached to that post telling everyone where that particular post was taken. You’ll notice a button saying “Add Location” when you’re at the last stage of publishing a photo, you will even get suggestions underneath that button right away. Press it and you can search for any location and also get the nearby spots. Location is searchable by other Instagrammers so be sure to pick a location which is popular.

10. Use other smartphone apps

You’re never forced to use Instagram’s built-in camera to take photos, you can even use a camera that is not your smartphone’s. Be sure to check out the App Store, maybe you’ll find inspiration. You can also edit photos before-hand outside of Instagram. One of the most popular, if not the most popular, app for editing on the go is called VSCO Cam (Android | iPhone - Free).

11. Create pretty collages

Collage is a picture that is made up of multiple photos, often with frames and sometimes even text. They usually look pretty professional but require minimum amount of work. There are a lot of apps out there for both Android and iOS that actually help you create collages. Instagram themselves have even developed one of their own called “Layout from Instagram: Collage”. If you’re not a fan of that app you can easily find many others by simply searching for them in the App Store.