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Three Key Things For An Awesome Instagram Aesthetic

What is an Instagram aesthetic?

When you click onto an Instagram feed, you are not only greeted with beautiful pictures, but also a sense of who the Instagrammer is, what they like to do, and the type of feeling they want you to feel when looking at their photos. Whether it’s playful and colourful, or serious and monochrome, a single glimpse of their feed can tell you exactly the kind of content they produce. This is because they have mastered their Instagram aesthetic. Although you might not have been aware of it, the most successful Instagram stars have used their photography and editing skills to make their accounts to make a cool, consistent aesthetic, which is eye-catching to any new followers. An Instagram aesthetic is not about taking photos of the same things. Rather, an Instagram aesthetic is about the overall look and feel of your feed. You can post pictures of multiple things going on in your life, anything from dogs to houses. The key is being subtly consistent in the presentation of each picture, to help build a feed that is stunning and recognisable. Obviously, what your aesthetic will be comes down to you, your followers, and the content you want to produce. However, no matter who you are, there are three key things that you need to consider when crafting your Instagram aesthetic:


Colour is the most eye-catching part of any photograph. Though it may be tempting to include a mix of colours in your feed - from brown livingrooms, to pink cakes, to green forests - this risks your feed looking like a chaotic mess. You don’t want to look like twenty people are posting on your account, all trying to get attention. Instead, aim for a consistent colour pallet in every photo. Whether that is one colour blended through into each, or a combination of colours that blend well together, every photo in your albums should have a consistent feel. That way, you maintain the freedom of posting whatever you want, whilst also keeping a steady aesthetic for your fans to follow.


This is a subtle way to build an aesthetic, but an effective one nonetheless. Dynamic, experimental angles might be fun once in a while. But doing it repeatedly for every single photo can get confusing, complicated and, worst of all, could come across as obnoxious. Thus, keeping a consistent angle to your shot can help keep your feed in balance. Whether it’s a top-down perspective, a slight tilt, or a mix of two or three different shots, this subtle way of angling the camera can help your followers recognise your work.

The Big Picture

This is the most important part of an effective Instagram aesthetic. Rather than looking at your feed on a photo-by-photo basis, you need to see your feed as a collage of yourself. When you look at a collage, you want to see a host of different things. Selfies, nature shots, books - glimpses of your personality, captured in the frame. And the same thing goes for your Instagram feed; new followers need to get a sense of who you are from all of your photos, not just one or two. Not only that, but the pictures need to compliment each other side by side. Sure, you might have a lot of cool pictures of your dog. But if your feed is full of them, it doesn’t matter how good the photo is your feed will look boring and repetitious. Thus, planning out your photos is a must. By keeping consistent colours and angles, and by thinking about how your photos look together on your feed, you will be well on your way to developing an awesome Instagram Aesthetic. One that will keep your followers coming back for more.