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Top 5 Free Editing Apps that Improve Your Selfies

Taking high quality photos is essential to a popular Instagram. This includes selfies. Love them or hate them, selfies have become a key staple in many people’s Instagram schedules. However, many Instagrammers do not have the budget for editing software, nor do they have the time to spend on overly complicated editing apps. As such, we’ve gathered five apps which you can use for free to edit your selfies. Ready your selfie sticks and say goodbye to expensive editing tools. These are the top five free editing apps that will improve your selfies for minimal effort!


Launching in 2012, this free selfie editing app has caused a storm all over the internet. With over 300 million users, this app offers hundreds of filters to improve the look and feel of your photographs. With the opportunity to add cute stickers and text boxes, this app is for individuals who want to express themselves boldly and brightly online. Retrica for iOS Retrica for Android


Have dry skin that disrupts every selfie? Need something to brighten your features? Then Beautycam is definitely the app you should go for. Every picture is smoothed out, enhanced, and easily adjustable with a variety of filters. Whether you want to look cute, sophisticated, or simply want to touch up your features without the hassle of makeup, then Beautycam provides and free and easy selfie service. Beautycam for iOS Beautycam for Android

Candy Camera

This app has simple editing tools, which perfect for selfies on the go. With over 100 different filters, and a skin correction tool, this app allows you to snap, shape, and share your selfies with little hassle. Saturation, contrast, even a mosaic effect: however you want to edit, this app has all the tools that you need to take pictures fast, and edit them faster. Candy Camera for iOS Candy Camera for Android


Want a more natural look to your photos? Tired of having obvious filters plastered over everything? Then the Airbrush app is the best one to choose. Colour correction, teeth whitening, wrinkle removal: This app gives you the chance to edit like a real professional, minus the cost. If you want to remove the filters, and try to keep your selfies as natural as you can, then airbrush is the app you need. Airbrush for iOS Airbrush for Android

Perfect 365

Featured in magazines such as Seventeen and Allure, Perfect 365 is one of the most popular editing apps out there. With makeup tools, customised looks, subtle touch-up features, and a huge community of supporters, this app has the crowd and the class to spice up your selfie game. There are tutorials all over the internet to help you with this app; the app itself also provides beauty and fashion recommendations. Perfect 365 is one of the biggest apps out there for a reason: it’s free, it’s effective, and it’s got a community to fall in love with. Perfect 365 for iOS Perfect 365 for Android