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Why Art and Instagram Are a Perfect Match

Instagram is a great social platform, and it’s by far the best platform for artists focused on visual arts. Compare it to any other social media and you’ll soon notice why it’s perfect. If you didn’t figure it out just yet, don’t worry I’ll tell you right now: On Instagram the main element is the picture. There is no other place where, as an artist, you’ll engage more with real people than on Instagram. You can easily share every masterpiece of yours directly with the audience that matter, an audience that with great potential can turn your hard work into paid bills. With the tap of a finger you’ll reach a crowd of over 500 million users, and that number is not decreasing anytime soon. Oppositely the amount of people using Instagram is rapidly growing year after year. Letting Gramista engage with Instagram users will not only draw a crowd but free numerous and tedious hours of your own time. Let us increase your presence so that you can focus on what’s important: mastering your art.