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Why There's No Such Thing as Buying Real Followers

In the world of social media, where everyone can create a profile or page, not everyone are seen as equal. When you're peeking around on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook the first thing you probably look at is how many followers a certain profile has. When you come across someone with a lot of followers they must surely put out good content or give some sort of value to their audience. But as you start to go through their pictures the number of likes never seem to be anywhere close to the number they are followed by. When you look into some of the followers you start to see a pattern, these profiles are fake! You decide to try things differently and buy a bunch of followers that look kinda real. With every picture you upload you also make sure to buy some likes for them as well. Everything seems to be going fine, until you realise how much money you've spent building up your profile or page.

But what if you could just buy real followers? Problem solved, right?

Let's say you went on Google and found a website where you can buy REAL followers, INSTANTLY! Well, if it was that easy then I should just end right here and go buy some myself! But in reality the dedication and commitment a person makes by following someone can't just be bought. Most social media platforms actually limit the amount of profiles a person can follow, and if the platform don’t impose any limits then a person’s feed will eventually be cluttered beyond use. Followers is a scarce supply that needs to be earned to be kept. If the followers you bought are real then the accounts have most likely been forced to follow you. Once the real owner realises this, why would they continue following you?

Don’t lose hope just yet!

I believe the best way of getting noticed and getting increased sales through social media is to organically reach out to others on the same platform to see if they actually like what you have to offer. By targeting the right audience you can rapidly acquire new followers, likes and a real fanbase. What I am about to tell you is free. Go to any social media platform right now and start liking the pictures of real human beings. Notice how they come back to do the same? Notice how they sometimes even start following you? That's where the power is.

Time is also an investment

Not many people have the time to interact on social media all day. You got work, hobbies and everything in-between. We know that it’s tedious because we’ve been in the exact same position. That’s why we created a tool to do everything I just talked about for you. Even though we charge for it, look at our prices and see if your time is worth more than $1.79 a day! By the time I was finished with writing this post I realised that there is such a thing as buying real followers and it’s free! Check out the page we made about this issue!