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What Do Instagram Users Expect from Brands?
Instagram users enjoy following and interacting with brands, but they tend to focus on brands that meet their expectations.Facebook recently published a few key insights on how brands can connect with their audiences on Instagram. Based on two extensive studies, Facebook’s insights draw attention to the expectations Ins...
How to Add Action Buttons to Your Instagram Business Profile
It’s impressive how a few words can make or break an Instagram campaign. Well, this is exactly the kind of power that a call to action has. Mastering the art of creating a perfect call to action can ensure that the success of your campaign is literally one click of a button away.Instagram has taken thi...
4 Tips for Creating Engaging Shopping Posts on Instagram
The introduction of Shopping on Instagram in 2017 changed the way businesses use the popular social media platform to advertise and sell their products. Rather than having to rely on their followers to visit their website and manually look up the products they were interested in, they could now add clickable...
8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Instagram Stories Polls
Back in the day, Instagram had a basic premise and was pretty simple in its execution. You saw something you liked, grabbed your phone, took a picture, and posted it. But as the platform grew in popularity, an ever-growing list of features made its way onto it. This gave content creators more opportunities and ...