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Should you be using a business account on Instagram?
One of the great aspects of Instagram is that users have the choice of using either a personal or business account, depending on how they want to use their account. Those that simply enjoy sharing photos with friends and family can stick with the simplicity of a personal account, with all the standard features. Those w...
7 ways to get more Instagram followers in just one week
Finding new followers on Instagram is one of the hardest things to do, but is also one of the most wanted. Having a high followers count is not as important as good engagement rates, but it still makes a huge difference to the success of your account on the platform.So, whether you just want to reach more people wit...
Why you should be posting more on Instagram
How often do you share to Instagram? There’s always a lot of discussion on how frequent influencers should post to Instagram for maximum effect. When posting on Facebook, posting too often can result in a drop in reach and engagement thanks to the algorithm. On the other hand, Twitter encourages constant posting thanks to its...
Understanding Instagram’s Built-In Analytics
Running your Instagram like a business is a great way to boost your growth and create an account that can actually bring in money. But one simple step that so many people pass over is converting their account to a specific business account. The benefits of this kind of account on Instagram far outweigh the possible downsides.Fo...