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How to Make a Successful Instagram Campaign

There are many reasons why you launch a marketing campaign on Instagram. Maybe you’re trying to raise awareness of a good cause. Maybe you’re trying to promote a service or product. 

Whatever the reason, Instagram can be a fantastic an...
Top Four Reasons to Use #nofilter

With 1.2 million photos tagged with #nofilter in 2015 – and with that number increasing year by year – this filter free hashtag is taking the globe by storm. More and more people are stripping away the Instagram filters, shutting down Photoshop, and...
How to be a Beauty Blogger

The rise of beauty bloggers has had a dramatic effect on everything from fashion to make-up: From the types of cosmetics being promoted in retail stores, to runway shows inspired by social media.

However, how do you go from a selfie-snapper to a trend setter...
Thinking S.M.A.R.T.

You have big plans for your social media. You want hundreds of followers. You want more likes. You want more page views, clicks, comments. Whatever it is that makes you smile when you sign in, you know you aren’t going to get there without some hard work.

Putting thes...