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Psychology and Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, according to psychology, there is more to how we view beauty than simply with our eyes.

Alongside our culture, our experiences, and our views on life, the brain is also biologically wired to view certain physical ele...
How To Create a Stunning Travel Instagram

Whether it’s to glimpse a land unknown, to showcase some awesome swimwear, or share vacation memories, Travel Blogs and Photography are big business on Instagram. Not only do these blogs transport us around the globe with their stunning picture...
Top 5 Ted Talks All Instagrammers Should See

What is a TED Talk?
TED are a non-profit company which organise educational talks across the globe. Launching in 1984, TED Talks range from politics and science, to art and creativity, to organisational skills and business management. Th...
How 80/20 Vision Can Revolutionise Your Social Media

What is 80/20 Vision?
80/20 vision, or the Pareto Principle, was named after Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto. Today’s entrepreneurs use this principle as a tool for understanding, managing and prioritising their business venture...