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How to Use Instagram’s New Nametags Feature
Every once in a while, Instagram rolls out a new feature that enhances the user experience. As a result of these efforts, the platform is growing about 5 times faster than any other social media website.These new additions have made the platform richer and offered many opportunities for people and businesses to spread ...
5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Instagram Stories Takeover
With almost half a billion daily users, Instagram Stories provide plenty of opportunities to promote your business or brand. From behind the scenes videos and product demonstrations to Q'n'A sessions and new product teasers, there are many fun and creative ways to make the most of Instagram Stories and inc...
How Does Instagram Rank Viewers of Your Stories?
More than 400 million people and brands use Instagram Stories every day to share tidbits from their personal lives with their followers. Launched in 2016, this feature was an instant hit with users and has helped Instagram overtake its younger, hipper competition embodied by the likes of Snapchat and Vine.Although In...
How to Add Music to Your Instagram Stories
Faced with younger, cooler, and hipper competition, Instagram saw its engagement levels plateau by early 2016. After six years of constant growth, users had found ways to achieve optimal exposure on Instagram with minimal effort. As a result, they were suddenly spending fewer hours on the platform each day. For powers tha...