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Live Video - a Feature That Will Explode Your Engagement!

Video media, whether it's live or pre-recorded, is growing popular in an exponential rate. Instagram originally jumped on the bandwagon by allowing users to post images or videos onto their profile's story, similar to one of Snapchat's main features. They are now taking this one ...
Fashion Items Aren't the Only Products That Sell on Instagram

Instagram has a fairly solidified reputation in being a platform where fashion enthusiasts can thrive. This of course turned into many people starting their own clothing brands, as well as existing brands pushing out their promoti...
Gramista Is Updating to Improve Your Experience

Gramista is being updated in the design and user experience department. As all things evolve we're also in the midst of changing things up a bit. You may have noticed that we rolled out a brand new checkout experience today, we’re going t...
How to Spice up Your Instagram Story

The Instagram story update that launched a few months ago is just one of the many ways that the social media platform is proving it can adapt to the growing demands and needs of the user base. Although at first glance it's pretty much a copy of the Sn...