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Psychology Tricks to Help You Gain More Social Media Followers

It is a fact that almost a third of people on the planet use social media websites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This shows that social media has a huge potential when it comes to promoting a business. A bad news is that everyone knows this, so you do...
Things 10 Most-Followed Brands on Instagram Have in Common

What is the reason why some business profiles on Instagram are more popular than the others? Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to this question. Even if there was, it would probably be kept top secret by the 10 most-followed brands on Instagram. Still, ...
Social Media Interaction Is Great, but Is It Enough?

Over the past 5-7 years, we have seen an incredible boom in the social media space. Companies like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, just to name a few, have created an online community that allows you to connect with people you would otherwise neve...
Social Media Marketing... Is It for You?

Internet Marketing is only in it's infancy. So it would be a wise idea for you as a small business owner or entrepreneur to learn as much as you can about Online Marketing techniques that help you get a higher return on your investment. Even though there are ...