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Introducing A New Feature - Boost

We're very excited to introduce you to our freshest feature, Boost.

To maximize the amount of likes you get on a new post you can use the "Boost" feature now available in your account on Dashboard!

Everytime you post something new on Instagram, just push the button for effect. This will for 2 hrs intensify Gramista activity.

For safety purposes the feature can only be used once ...
Wow, someone made us a tutorial!
We want to start off with thanking all of you for the unbelievable response the last few weeks!

Going back to the topic, a user has submitted an awesome tutorial on how to use Gramista. You can check it out down below!

We would love to see more content like this and would happily reward anyone for taking their time!...
Gramista is now available on Google Play!
We are happy to announce that Gramista application can now be downloaded for your Android device. The application gives you the same possibilities as the whole website and at this moment it merely serves a purpose of making Gramista accessible for everyone. 

We are currently planning on expanding to different platforms to make you, our beloved users, more engaged and updated. There are plenty m...
Your account security is important to us
Why do we boast about greater security? Our system makes your Instagram sleep for at least 5 hrs a day, while still delivering crazy results!

We have implemented this security feature so that you can confidently rely on us that we care about your account safety.

 Just dare to ask other services how they treat your Instagram!...