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The new changes coming to Instagram in 2018
Social media is constantly changing. Almost every week we seem to have a new algorithm to compete with - some for the good, and some for the bad. But the recent changes that Instagram announced at the F8 event sound like they’re going to make a lot of users, and influencers, very happy. From a brand new explore page, to grou...
How to use engagement pods to grow your account
When you’re working to grow your Instagram account, there’s one aspect you always need to be placing a large amount of your focus - engagement. But, finding people to actually engage with your content is not always so easy. To help combat this, a lot of influencers have been setting up and using a tec...
Instagram Hacks for Travel Bloggers
Trying to break into the ever-growing world of successful bloggers is never easy, especially in the travel niche. The dream of travelling the world for a living is held by many, which means that competition is high. But, if you utilise the power of social media - especially Instagram - correctly, then you can really stand out from the ...
Hashtag 101: How to use them on Instagram in 2018
From day one, hashtags have been an important part of the Instagram set up. But, with every new year comes a new algorithm and the way we use hashtags changes along with it. Last year, there was a lot of paranoia around the possible “shadowban” feature on the platform, which put a lot of people off using hashtags as much as they had in the past. B...