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How to take pictures of crowd, parties and food
Managing social media in the restaurant industry is certainly a unique experience, as social media managers and business owners alike will strategize and execute a plan that caters to customers, revenue opportunity and potential walk-in visitors. One of the most important ways you can share your message in a visual form is t...
How to run an Instagram account for restaurants
Restaurants, whether national expanded restaurants or single locations, are everywhere. With the simple search on Google of nearby restaurants can provide hundreds of options, dependent on where you are living or traveling to. The challenge for restaurants is quite often competition - competition with locations that are nea...
5 Ways to Turn Your Vacation Into An Instagram Series
When it comes to travel, your phone is most certainly everywhere you are - from taking photos and videos to playing with plenty of filters and captions. Documenting your travel, your vacation, is a great way to hold your wonderful memories of cities, countries and making your way through to destinations. Not only can ...
Here's The Hashtags To Use During the Summer Season
Summer on Instagram is so much fun - it’s that time of the year when you can highlight your brand with bright colours, and when your personal accounts can flourish with beautiful pictures, well thought out captions and strategically placed hashtags. If you’re reading this blog, you’re taking the first step in re...