Complete Gramista Guide

This is a complete guide to using Gramista, it includes everything you need to know. This guide should answer any questions you might have.

If this is your first time using Gramista, you will be presented with an interactive tutorial once your registration is completed. So you do not have to read through all of this, but feel free to come back anytime if you feel lost. Contact our support team if you do not find answers to your questions here.

Use this list to navigate quickly:

  1. - Registration and Trial
  2. - Add Instagram
  3. - Dashboard
  4. - Liker and Smart Mode
  5. - Follower and Unfollower
  6. - Settings (targeting)
  7. - Hashtags
  8. - Locations
  9. - Usernames
  10. - Blacklists

First Steps


You sign up by pressing here, fill the form completely with a valid email. An email will be sent where you'll have to confirm the account!

By registering with Gramista you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. Creating an account with us is totally free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase anything.


The use of the trial period is completely free and non-binding, on other words it is free as a flying bird.

A trial of 12 hrs will be automatically added to the first Instagram account you connect with Gramista. You'll be able to use all of the features of which Gramista has to offer and it will completely mesmerize you!

Add Instagram

In order to start your activities on Gramista, you will need to connect your Instagram account by connecting it through our web service. This is quite simple, just make sure to enter your latest Instagram login credentials and Gramista will do everything for you automatically.

Instagram might require you to validate a login attempt from a new device. If Gramista tells you to validate the login attempt, open up the Instagram app on your phone and press It Was Me. You will have to accept it in order to allow Gramista to interact with your Instagram. It might take several attempts, depending on how Instagram is feeling, but once you are done, you will not be asked to verify this again.



This is where the magic happens. The dashboard will probably be the place where you spend most of your time after setting everything up.

Here you will be the captain of the boat. Each connected Instagram account will be proudly presented with its current status and other vital info. From here you can activate and deactivate functions like the Liker and Follower/Unfollower. You are also able to buy a license for a specific account or for all at once, remove an account or go into its Settings view if needed. Just take a look at how happy Gramista Boy is to the right!


The liker is our most precious baby. The only thing you have to do is activating the liker, our engine will take care of everything from speed to sleep. Our in-house system will make sure that people smash the like button on your posts! This feature shows better results the longer you use it.

Smart Mode

Yeah you read it, smart. The Smart Mode is a part of the Follower/Unfollower feature, our engine will make sure that none of your friends will be unfollowed. Not only that, the follower will only follow 1,000 people and then unfollow these.
(p.s. this feature is overridable)


This feature will quickly build the audience you crave. It is our most efficient way to gain followers. Do note that it will follow people on your behalf, so you'll see your followings (the people you follow) go up and in return your followers will too. It is reversible through our unfollower, Smart Mode will do this automatically.


It will do just the opposite of what our powerful Follower does. It is there to unfollow everything, but by now you should have more followers than you've ever had before! This feature is available once you activate the Follower switch on the Dashboard under an Instagram account.


Settings (targeting)

If there is ever something you can't do on the dashboard, this is the place to go. In Settings you have everything the dashboard offers and more. You can change your hashtags, locations, blacklists, timezone, switch Smart Mode and more. Each account has a separate Settings view and can always be reached through the dashboard. Just expand an account on the dashboard and press Settings. A license has to be active on the account to do changes. Everything in here is saved as long as you press the button associated with it.


Once you are inside an account's Settings view just press the tab labeled 'Hashtags' to customize them. Remember to use hashtags which are popular. Don't worry, if they're not the Gramista status on that specific account on the dashboard will tell you. You can add multiple hashtags at once, just like the pictures to the right shows, and each of them is going to be added to the box underneath where you can specifically remove any hashtag. Remember to press 'Add' when saving new tags!


Do you know places where your target audience can be found? Use locations to like their pictures and follow their profiles. You can set them up on your account's Settings tab. First, you search for location name and get a number of suggestions. Click on a suggestion to add it to your locations list.

If some of your locations aren't popular enough, Gramista will also target your hashtags.


This powerful feature allows you to target followers of Instagram accounts. Use it to reach audience of your competitors or to target people with certain interests. This as well as other targeting options are available on an account's Settings page.


This is accessable through an account's Settings view, just like hashtags. Here you can specifically tell Gramista which tags to not use, and also which people to avoid. The top box is used to blacklist users while the bottom box is where you blacklist hashtags! Add as many users or tags as you want, and then press 'Add' to save them!