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Need help? You came to the right place. Please read through our FAQ down below, or guide if you haven't already.

If you do not find an answer in the FAQ, feel free to contact our support team at the bottom of this page.

How can I switch between following and unfollowing activities?

In order to switch between Following and Unfollowing modes freely, you will need to deactivate Smart Mode in advanced settings menu.

Is it safe to use Gramista?

We would say the Gramista is the safest Instagram automation service on the market. Gramista algorithms has been intensively tested for a long period of time.

Will Gramista avoid offensive content?

Gramista has built-in features to avoid content that is offensive. It is also possible to use blacklisting to avoid content.

Will you charge me?

We will never charge you anything without your consent, we do not have recurring payments, you have to manually log in and purchase a license.

What do I do with timezones?

Timezones exist to sync our algorithms with your local time, meaning, actions made will look more like on your behalf and thus increasing security.

How do I edit hashtags?

Each connected Instagram account has its own hashtags. By navigating to the Dashboard while logged in, press on the account that you'd like to change, and then press Advanced to access the detailed view. From there, press the Hashtags tab to edit them.

Remember that the connected Instagram account must have an active license in order to edit its settings. Read more in Guide.

How does Unfollower work?

How the unfollower works depends on if Smart Mode is activated on the connected Instagram account.

Smart Mode: Will follow 1,000 people and then unfollow these, starting to unfollow the user you first followed. It will make sure to not unfollow your existing friends. Read more about Smart Mode.

Unfollower: Is our regular and raw unfollower, it will unfollow everyone. When Smart Mode is deactivated through Advanced settings, you are able to switch between Following and Unfollowing from the Dashboard on that connected account. Read more about our Unfollower.

What is Smart Mode?

Smart Mode is our very special twist on the Follower/Unfollower made in-house. It will only follow 1,000 accounts on top of your current followings, and then unfollow these. Read more about Smart Mode.

I paid, but nothing happens, why?

It could, in rare cases, take up to 2 hours to receive a license. If you have paid with an eCheck it could take 3-5 days. If you are having issues, contact our Support Team.

How do I contact you?

Any inquiries that you might have can be sent at the bottom of this page through our Support Team.


You can submit a ticket to Gramista support team right here. It may take up to one day to receive a ticket reply. Make sure to look through the FAQ above, maybe you will find an answer to your question.

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